The Greatest Video Game Music


Product description

Product Description

‘The Greatest Video Game Music’, performed by the highly acclaimed London Philharmonic Orchestra, features classical orchestrations of the best-known video game themes including Mario Bros, Call of Duty, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Halo, World of Warcraft, the incredibly successful Angry Birds and many more. It allows the hundreds of millions of video game enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in the experience of gaming in a new way, and is the perfect gift for both avid and casual gamers. Over the last 40 years, video games have become a critical form of entertainment globally. As they have become more sophisticated and realistic, the music for them has also evolved from the simple bleeps of arcade games to robust orchestrations written for complex games on platforms like Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo. For the first time, themes from the most popular games ranging from Tetris to Grand Theft Auto, have been recorded in the studio by a top-tier full symphony orchestra and chorus. ‘The Greatest Video Game Music’ is the X5 follow-up to the hugely successful ‘The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music’. The songs on this album, conducted by Andrew Skeet, represent 20 different video games with total sales exceeding 1 Billion units globally.


”This is the first orchestral version of one of my compositions and it really comes alive. It has such a great depth and a majestic touch, and it was very emotional for me when I heard it the first time. I love it!” –Angry Birds’ composer Ari Pulkkinen


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