Dog Nail Grinder, Pet Nail Grinder 2 Rotation Speed Electric Pet Nail Trimmer for Gentle and Painless Pet Claw Grooming USB Chargeable Extra-Quiet Dog Claw Trimmer for Dogs, Cats, Small Animals (901)

Dog Nail Grinder

SALE PRICE: £28.99

  • 2-SPEEDS QUIET NAIL GRINDER – Pet nail grinder has normal speed and high speed suit for different size cats, dogs, rabbits and birds(6000/7000RPM). Nail grinder with normal speed match small and tiny breed animals for their tender paw. High speed dog nail grinder will be better for thick and hard quick which big and tall puppy will have.You could choose precise speed freely of the pet nail trimmer grinder for your pet.
  • THREE SIZE PORTS- There are three size openings in the grinder area, you can use depending on your pet’s nail size. The Small and medium openings are for small and medium sized pets. For larger pets, the entire cover can be removed to expose the entire bit to easily trim large nails.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN NAIL GRINDER – Nail grinder with ergonomic design, easy to handle and operate. The small nail grinder could not scare your pet and quiet motor help to comfort your pet. You could use cordless pet trimmer trim your pet`s nail at home to save money and time at pet store or pet salon.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE DOG NAIL GRINDER – There is USB port at the bottom of pet nails grinder. You could recharge it with laptop and cellphone or power bank.Quiet cat trimmer cost 1.5hrs quick charging time endure 8hrs working time. Convenient for you to trim 4 paws of your pet.
  • POWER REMINDER – Electric nail grinder is a kind of nail trimmer with brief electricity indicator on it. You could see three conditions on the operation board of pet nail grinder: full charge, half charge, low charge. You could save time and get convenient to help your pet trimming nails.

Product description

Size Name:901

The dog nail grinder is designed to grind the animal paws after trimming the nail by the nail clippers. It takes longer time to grind the long nail of large dogs. If you are not satisfied with the speed of our dog clippers, please contact our customer support via for refund or replacement before leaving any negative review. We can guarantee that our dog nail grinder is high quality made, but it is hard to meet every customer’s expectation. Please just contact us directly for any after-sale service.

Pet nails require clipping and grinding, there are many nail clippers are easy to cut too far, while no one likes hurting their pet. Our electric nail grinder to gently trim your pet’s nails, making you and your pets scared no more.

The pet nail trimmer has three ports. You can choose a suitable one according to the pets’ size and characteristics of their nails. Good for cats, rabbit, bird, small and medium size dogs.

Besides, pet nail grooming tool can be rechargeable and compact, you can trim your cats & dogs nail toenails whenever you need. With this nail grinder, you can stop worry about your dog scratching your sofa, furniture, or even your body. Trimming, and shaping, as well as smoothing rough nails on dogs, giving them healthier paws with better comfort.

Easy to Use
Step 1: Get pets familiar with the smell, shape & sound,or touch their feet without switching it on to reduce fear and resistance.
Step 2: Cut any pets’ overlong nails with a nail clipper first if required.
Step 3: Use YOUTHINK pet nail grinder to grind the sharp nails into blunt; Choose a speed to file the sharp nails, file slowly when near to the quick, use no more 10 seconds each time and let your pet relax in between.
Step 4: Reward pets with snacks to make them love grinding nails

First Available: 29 July 2019
Size: 901
Dimensions: 17.6 x 10.2 x 4.6 cm
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No

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