Asmodee FFGD1110 Arkham Horror: LCG-The Path to Carcosa, Extension

Asmodee FFGD1110 Arkham Horror: LCG-The Path to Carcosa

SALE PRICE: £28.89

  • new investigator and player cards
  • first 2 scenarios of the campaign The path to Carcosa

Product description

For weeks the upcoming performance of the King in Yellow has been the big city conversation. But after you have done some research on the dark past of this piece, you are convinced that something bad is going on. People disappear. Suicides have occurred. Grass delusions. Crazy. Wherever The King is listed in yellow, madness is not far. No connection has been proved yet, but this has never stopped you. In the path to Carcosa, 1-4 explorers are looking for the truth about a notorious theatre, explore the Ward theatre and take part in a formal evening party of the cast and the staff of the piece. Each answer only raises new questions and the investigators are becoming madness. This expansion includes the first two scenes of the campaign The Path to Carcosa and new Investigator and Player Cards that allow for even more versatile play. Arkham Horror: The card game is a cooperative game in which each player plays the role of an explorer and tries to reveal terrifying and scary secrets.

First Available: 20 Dec. 2019
SKU: B075R9J4Q8
Dimensions: 20 x 4 x 20 cm
Model No: FFGD1110
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No

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