Ultranatura Watering System, automatic and easy operation via LCD display/automatic watering of up to 10 indoor plants with a water pump, ideal as a holiday watering system

Ultranatura Watering System

SALE PRICE: £27.22

  • Programmable watering for up to 10 potted plants, for use indoors and in the greenhouse for all types of indoor plants as well as a balcony watering system
  • The automatic watering system has a self-priming water pump and can be placed on any regular bucket for effective plant watering
  • Frequency and duration of watering can be set electronically: e.g. the frequency per day and the number seconds for watering – Examples can be found in the manual
  • In order to adjust automatic plant watering to each individual plant, there is, in addition to frequency, the possibility of regulating the amount of water via pipe length
  • The LCD screen of the watering system offers warning signals to change batteries and refill water, the ends of the pipe have stainless steel spikes to fix them securely in the potting soil

Product description

Product Description

Watering Computer / Watering System for up to 10 potted plants made by Ultranatura, ideal holiday watering set for automatic watering, pre-set or at the push of a button

Box Contains

1x irrigation system

First Available: 23 May 2014
Weight: 499 g
Model No: 200100001043
Part No: 200100001043

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