Rusty Bow Plant Supports for Peonies, Hydrangea, Roses, etc – Strong Metal Garden Supports – Interlinking to make rows, circles, cloverleaves, etc (Large (72cm Tall x 40cm Wide) Pack of 4)

Rusty Bow Plant Supports for Peonies

RRP PRICE: £19.99
SALE PRICE: £15.00
YOU SAVE: £4.99

  • Sold in packets of 4
  • Designed to rust overtime (not pre-rusted)
  • Made of a Raw Solid Steel these are sturdy Garden Plant Supports
  • Interlinking to form rows, circle, cloverleaves, etc
  • Supports Peonies, Hydrangea, Roses, etc

Product description

Size Name:Large (72cm Tall x 40cm Wide) Pack of 4

Rusty, solid steel plant support bows are the most amongst the most popular products in our plant support range. These versatile support bows come in four different sizes to support a wide variety of plants and the hooks in the corner of each bow allow them to be linked to create rows, circles and other shapes. Note that these bows are supplied as raw steel and designed to go rusty once left in the garden. They are not supplied pre-rusted. Unlike other suppliers of similar products, we do not spray our supports with acid or any other chemicals to accelerate the rusting process, as this is harmful to the plants. Top tips: The ideal time to use your plant supports is towards the middle and end of the season, as the plants growth develops. Bow plant supports are great for rescuing and reviving wind blown plants. Bow plant supports can be gently bent to better suit the plants they’re supporting. When growing large plants a large bow can be inserted deep into the ground, then slowly drawn out as the plant gets taller.

First Available: 28 April 2016
Weight: 998 g
Model No: 7P-LE0L-06NY
Part No: 7P-LE0L-06NY
Type: Metal
Material: Metal

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