Amazinggirl Wooden Chess Set Board – Chess Game for Adults and for Children with Large Pieces, portable foldable travel box 42 cm

Amazinggirl Wooden Chess Set Board - Chess Game for Adults and for Children with Large Pieces

SALE PRICE: £39.90

  • EDUCATIONAL FUN – chess set educational game for children that promotes tactical and strategic thinking. Chess game makes you smart, helps with concentration and intelligence, also chess for kids increases imagination and creativity.
  • BRAIN TRAINING FOR EVERYONE – chess board game is the best as kids chess sets for imagination and as chess sets for adults to exercises brain. The chess boards size is 42cm, 54cm – big enough for seniors to and for everyone who wants to keep brain in sharp shape.
  • FUN GAME FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – wooden chess set is great idea to spend time with the children . Chess board game is perfect for beginners and advanced players. Portable set is perfect as travel chess -you can have fan on tha way !
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – chess set wooden are solid – ecological alternative to other plastic games. Chess board only with best quality thanks to handcraft in Europe. Made hand carved with attention to details – from chess board box to chess pieces.The board is foldable – perfect for storing.
  • EXCLUSIVE GIFT IDEA – chess sets  are perfect as a gift and decoration – enrich your interior. Wooden chess set are modern and natural. Ship in white box or in box shown in the picture.

Product description

Colour Name:Handcrafted Chess |  Size Name:42X42 cm

The chess game retains all the advantages of classic chess and is a high quality game for strategists of all ages!


easy to learn – perfect for CHILDREN and ADULTS – the games promote imagination, improve concentration and train logical thinking

A noble box is made from exclusive Polish raw materials!

The chessboard is FOLDABLE, so that when folded, a stable box is created, in which the figures and stones have space – for on the go, practical! Each figure has its own place, which means that they are not scattered around. Hinged wooden box serves as a playing field.
The wooden chess pieces are large, have been carefully hand-carved and covered with ecological, matt varnish. rich colors of the wooden chess pieces and the game board look beautiful

The natural wooden chess board can be an original andUNIQUE GIFTfor different occasions


Material: 100% wood
Dimensions: choice of 6 sizes: 26x26cm, 31x31cm, 35x35cm, 40x35cm, 42x42cm, 54x54cm
set of figures in each set
chessboard 26x26cm, king size 4.5cm, field size 2x2cm
Chessboard 31x31cm, king approx.4.5cm, field size 2.5×2.5cm.
chess 35x35cm, king 6.5cm, field size 3x3cm.
chess 42x42cm, king 8.5cm, field size 4x4cm.
chess 54x54cm, king 11cm , Field size 4x4cm


felt base under chess pieces to protect the game board
In the cassette there is ch a green case

IMPORTANT: chess set is supplied in the packaging shown in the picture or in a white box. The smell of paint evaporates over time.

AMAZINGGIRL offers a large selection of handmade chess sets, chess pieces, travel chess sets, alternative chess sets and beautiful wooden storage boxes

First Available: 5 Jan. 2018
Dimensions: 42.4 x 21.3 x 5.3 cm
Type: Wood, Plastic
Material: Wood, Plastic
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No

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