Electric Hot Water Taps,Topser KA-06 Pro Adjustable Power Electric Instant Heater Kitchen Taps,180°Swivel Cold and Hot Water Tap with LCD Temperature Display for Kitchen,Bathroom,Washroom [Energy Class A]

Electric Hot Water Taps

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  • 1. Stepless Adjustable Power Selection: 0~3.5kW, Variable temperature control between 20 and 60℃, protection from frost. So you can more intuitive and convenient to control the outlet water temperature.
  • 2. Multiple security protection: Safety pressure relief device. 3 seconds hot water setting. Built-in double partition wall. Double ground protection
  • 3. The tap use the environmentally friendly and high quality insulation material. Electrostatic protection. High temperature resistance. IPX4 Waterproof.
  • 4. Nickel-Chromium Multi-Core Heating System: use mechanical Precision Welding Technology,which makes the life of the heating tube longer. Do not worry about WATER LEAKAGE, DRY BURNING, FASTER HEAT DISSIPATION,NOT EASY TO SCALE
  • 5. TASTE THE ART OF LIVING: Four Seasons General, unlimited hot water, warm your hands, especially in the winter. When the taste becomes the essence in your life, then you take the frontal line of fashion, appreciating purified and comfortable wash or bath life. Perfect fit for any style of your Kitchen or Bathroom or Washroom, gaining more and more users’ favorite

Product description

Pre-sale Notice:
Warning: DON’T test it in your hands before installing finished, that’s would be very dangerous. Please operate it under the user manual.
Before using this product, please open the cold water, until smooth water and then turn on the power.
In winter, if you feel the water temperature is low, you can first dial to the hot water, so that the maximum water flow, and then a little water flow a little smaller, until the temperature is appropriate.
Description of water temperature: As the winter water temperature is low, such as by 1.8 L/min of water flow, the water temperature can be increased to more than 30℃, warm feeling, more suitable for our vegetables, brush your teeth and so on.
If you expect to use in the winter when the water temperature reaches up to 55 ℃, it may not be able to meet your requirements.
The machine is driven by water pressure, If the water pressure is too low, we are very responsible to recommend not to buy this product.
Applicable places: buildings, hospitals, hotels, hotels, shopping malls,houses,etc..
Recommended use of water temperature: Wash hands at 40 ℃, Wash dishes at 45 ℃, Wash your face at 35 ℃, Wash vegetables at 30 ℃,etc..
ATTENTION: Please PULL THE PLUG when under freezing weather condition. Otherwise the ice water would open the power and heat itself automatically, the electronic thermal faucet would burn-out by the blocked hot water, even cause spontaneous combustion in extremely serious conditions. PLEASE NOTE that warranty will not be provided in case of the above mentioned circumstances. (THIS PRODUCT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED FOR OUTDOOR USE.)
★Before purchasing, please be sure to carefully read the product description and shopping instructions, if in doubt please contact us

Package Content:
1* Electric Hot Water Tap
All Mounting hardware

First Available: 21 Aug. 2018
Length: 57 inches
Dimensions: 33.5 x 27.8 x 11 cm
Type: Special Features
Material: ABS Plastic
Colour: Light Silver
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No

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