CAZON Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine Automatic Home Use Hypertension Indicator & Heart Pulse Rate Monitoring Meter with Cuff 22-40cm, 2×120 Sets Memory

CAZON Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine Automatic Home Use Hypertension Indicator & Heart Pulse Rate Monitoring Meter with Cuff 22-40cm

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  • ღ【Reliable & Accurate】Boasting specific algorithms & chip, each individually-tested BP Monitor will provide you with the most trustworthy readings, helping you track your health easily at home. Measuring both systolic and diastolic pressure as well as the pulse per minute. Additionally, this monitor will flag up if it detects an irregular heartbeat.
  • ღ【Large LCD Display】Read your real-time blood pressure and pulse rate on the easy-to-read LCD display, featuring a clear traffic light style indicator based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Self-checking cuff positioning and movement detection features provide a visual symbol on the device for accurate measurements.
  • ღ【240 Memory for 2 Users】Arm BP Monitor is providing 2 users with 240 memories (120 per user) and each measurement result will be displayed on the screen, and automatically stored so that users can easily to find their measuring history by press the MEM button. It’s convenient and economic for parents without buying another monitor.
  • ღ【Adjustable Comfortable Cuff】Designed with comfort in mind and made from a high-quality material which collects accurate readings, the upper arm cuff is suitable for standard and large adult arms from 22 cm to 40 cm (8.7-15.7inches). A diagram is printed on the arm cuff shows the best position to use the cuff.
  • ღ【Intimate Power Supply Design】With two power supply modes, in addition to 4 AAA batteries, you can also use the USB cable (included in the package) to supply power at anytime anywhere, which is convenient and fast. This BP machine will automatically switch off after 60 seconds with no operation, making the experience safer and more environmentally friendly.

Product description

The amazing blood pressure monitor protects your health!

It’s never too early to start taking readings and monitoring your blood pressure level.

Common Questions Answered on Blood Pressure:

1.When is the best time to take a reading?

You can take readings twice a day, at the same general times each day. For example, once in the morning and once at night for comparison purposes.

2. Why does my blood pressure fluctuate?

It is quite normal for people’s blood pressure to change throughout the day and night, or in different settings where you may measure your blood pressure.

Many things, such as stress levels, food or drink intake, activity levels, even time of day can all affect a person’s blood pressure reading at any given time.

3. How do you get an accurate blood pressure measurement?

Avoid eating, drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages, smoking, exercising or bathing for 30 minutes prior to taking a measurement.

It is best to rest quietly for 15 minutes before starting the measurement.Be sure to sit with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor.

Package included:

1 x Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

1 x USB Charge Cable(No Battery & AC adapter)

1 x Cuff

1 x User Manual

Please read the user manual carefully before you use the device.

If you encounter any problem or need support, please feel free to contact us via or Amazon message.

When love cannot be expressed in words, there must be something to express your deep love.

A blood pressure monitor is the best gift for you to express love to your parents or lover.

First Available: 8 Jun. 2020
Weight: 458 g

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