Under Armour Men’s Ua Team Issue Wordmark Short Sleeve T Shirt for Men with Graphic Design, Loose-Fit Sport and Fitness Clothing

Under Armour Men's Ua Team Issue Wordmark Short Sleeve T Shirt for Men with Graphic Design

SALE PRICE: £12.81

  • Wide Short-Sleeved T-Shirt – This casual t shirt is designed to be comfortable, loose and ideal for active men. The tee is good for every day wear
  • Loose Cut – The running shirt is loose-fitting and flowing, allowing for easy, unrestricted movement during activities such as sports or running
  • Graphic Design – Who said exercise clothes have to be plain? The t-shirt features an eye-catching graphic logo emblazoned in the centre of the front
  • Light and Breathable Material – The graphic t shirt is crafted from 60 Percent cotton and 40 Percent polyester. It is breathable and ideal for physical activity
  • Fit and Details – Under Armour Team Issue Wordmark SS Men’s Athletic Wear with graphic design. Fit: loose, Material: 60 Percent Cotton and 40 Percent Polyester

Product description

Under Armour Team Issue Wordmark SS Men’s T-Shirt – Stay active in this soft, short-sleeve sports t-shirt

Designed to be worn during times of action and exercise, this men’s t-shirt is ideal for men on the go. The shirt is short-sleeved and loose fitting, offering comfort whilst running or playing sports and adapting to the movements of the torso. The eye-catching graphic design, which steps up the style of the item. The shirt is made of cotton and polyester, making it lightweight and breathable.

Wear the t shirt casually, to the gym, playing sports or running – it will offer comfort and style in any situation.

Under Armour Makes Athletes Better.

We started with a T-shirt that gave athletes an undeniable advantage and eventually resulted in a complete renewal of sportswear. Innovation is lifeblood and the key to achieving br and mission.

Product Details:

  • Short-sleeve active t-shirt for men
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Wide cut for comfort
  • Material: 60 Percent cotton and 40 Percent polyester
  • Fit: Loose

First Available: 23 July 2020
Brand: Under Armour
Model No: 1329582
Type: Polyester
Material: Body: 60% Cotton,40% Polyester

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