Bikers Gear The CrossFire Black Ladies Full Kevlar Hoodie Jacket CE Protection, Black, 6: Car & Motorbike

Bikers Gear The CrossFire Black Ladies Full Kevlar Hoodie Jacket CE Protection

SALE PRICE: £70.38

  • Size Run Guide – Generous, Hoodies Run One Size Bigger Than Label Size – Everybody Purchasing In Our Shop Goes One Size Down.
  • 100% Undiluted Dupont Kevlar – These Are Ultimate Protection for Bikers With Every Centimeter of the Garment Covered with Kevlar Protection (only hood and cuffs are non kevlar)
  • CE Armour Shoulder and Elbow – Soft High Density Back Protector.
  • Discrete Zips for Security on both front hoodie pockets to stop valuables Falling Out & extra deep inside pocket.

Product description

Size Name:6 |  Colour Name:Black

These are 100% undiluted Dupont Kevlar – these are ultimate protection for bikers with every centimeter of the garment covered with kevlar protection. Other sellers are diluting down the kevlar but we don’t compromise your safety and use 100% kevlar. The Technical Stuff Kevlar, is a soft knitted non-abrasive material and is comfortable against the skin. The fabric is unique in construction and offers breathability and flexibility. The material itself is designed to dissipate heat quickly and distribute air evenly through the fibres. CE approved armour in the shoulder and elbow with standard back armour. Fully kevlar lined and also perfect for the casual biker look.


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