Glade Electric Holder & Refill Sandalwood & Jasmine Scented Oil Plugin 20ml, Pack of 4: Health & Personal Care

Glade Electric Holder & Refill Sandalwood & Jasmine Scented Oil Plugin 20ml

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  • Plug in the redesigned, adjustable plugin air freshener for up to 100 days of continuous diffused fragrance *based on low setting
  • Glade electric sandalwood and jasmine scented plugin air freshener fills the room with long-lasting fragrance infused with essential oils
  • Harmony; we have a fragrance for that
  • Plugin air freshener with notes of soft jasmine and smooth sandalwood to spread comfort and peace

Product description

Style Name:Sandalwood & Jasmine

Product Description

Creating the ideal mood is just an outlet away. With a attractive design that blends into your decor, this plugin air freshener for your home allows you to use any of your favourite Glade electric scented oil refills, including sensual sandalwood and jasmine. Simply insert the fragrance oil refill and plug it in to freshen a room with long-lasting scent (up to 100 days on low setting).

Product uses: Each refill will provide up to 100 days of fragrance on the low setting. Based on 12 hours daily usage. Adjust your warmer to deliver the desired level of fragrance and create the ideal ambience in any room.


1. Rotate device’s electrical plug, if needed.
2. Unscrew cap from fragrance bottle and insert into device.
3. Insert device upright. Please read the important safety instructions.
4. Adjust device intensity to desired settings. Wash hands after handling.


From the manufacturer

Glade Electric Scented Oils

Start your journey to a fresh-smelling home with Glade Electric scented oil. It's never been so easy to adjust the fragrance to your needs!

Glade Electric Scented Oils

Advanced fragance control

Up to 100 days* of fragrance

Fragrance infused with essential oils

The Scent Story

A soulful walk in a cashmere sweater down the wooded path to pure serenity.

The Scent Story

The Essence



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