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Hand Cleansing Sanitiser Spray Pack of 6

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About this item

  • Full coverage: 70 Percent alcohol hand sanitiser with innovative spray application allows for full coverage while the glycerin formula hydrates skin
  • Quick absorption: Hand sanitiser bottle spray with anti-bacterial liquid formula is quickly absorbed by the skin, killing bacteria and leaving hands clean
  • No greasy residue: The sanitising spray leaves no greasy residue, unlike some gels; the fragrance-free formula means there is no perfume irritation
  • No mess/spillage: The innovative hand sanitiser spray application means that nothing is lost unlike with hand gels which often slip off the hands and are harder to dose
  • To apply: Open the hand sanitiser spray bottle and spray evenly on both hands; rub hands together to sanitise for germ-free hands; easy to apply for children

Product description

Nivea Hand Cleansing Sanitiser Spray – Innovative spray bottle for full coverage

Keeping our hands clean and free from dangerous bacteria is essential. This is why Nivea has produced a powerful antibacterial hand sanitiser spray with 70 Percent alcohol to keep hands clean. When using normal sanitising gels, hands can feel sticky and the gel is likely to slip off the hands. Often these gels have added fragrances which can irritate the skin. This is why we have produced a sanitising spray which does not slide off the hands and is fragrance-free. Spray application allows for better and more even coverage and easier use on children. There is also less chance of wastage with the spray which will not slip off the hands like some gels tend to do. 

Using the spray, your hands feel dryer than with gels, while the fragrance-free formula means there is no perfume irritation. The spray does not leave a sticky greasy residue like some other gels. The 55 ml size means you can pop this in your bag or in your pocket and take it with you when you leave the house for frequent use.  

Method of application: Simply pop the lid on and spray evenly onto both hands. Rub hands together to sanitise for germ-free skin. The spray design makes this product especially easy to apply for children. 

Product details

  • Spray application
  • Full coverage on hands
  • Absorbs quickly
  • No greasy residue
  • No mess/spillage

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