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  • PERFECT FOR DOG’S BETTER HEALTH: Dogs always like chewing things around them. ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy is specially designed to support both small and large and aggressive dogs. Made of totally non-toxic rubber, ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy not only does no harm to your dogs but also helps prevent your dogs from bad breath and periodontitis caused by poor oral hygiene. Let’s play with your lovely dogs with ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy.
  • IDEAL DESIGN TOY FOR YOUR PETS: ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy is made of non-toxic rubber and designed with two layers of granular surfaces which play as an effective tooth cleaning machine. ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy includes one granular ball connected to a suction cup that can fix on a smooth surface. This design is not only a good toy for dogs but it is also suitable for you to play tug-of-war with your pets.
  • REDUCE DOGS’ BAD BEHAVIORS: No more worry about dog biting and pulling down everything in your house: shoes, clothes,… ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy will be a perfect friend of your pets whenever you’re not at home. ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy also helps to relieve the anxiety and stress, to make the dog’s life more fulfilling even when the master is absent.
  • DURABLE & TOUGH DOG TOY: ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy is made of 100% high-quality rubber which is durable, indestructible and tough, ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy can bear extremely strong bite force of a large dog. This is a feature that not many brands on the market can overcome our ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy.

Product description

Size Name:Zendix Dog Chew Toy

ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy is one of the market-leader products in pet supplies with all the most significant features:
– 100% high-quality and non-toxic rubber
– The granular surface plays as an effective tooth cleaning machine
– Reduce dogs’ bad behaviors and fill up their life with joyfulness
– Durable and indestructible chew toy, able to withstand strong bite force of large dogs
– You can play tug-of-war with your pet by holding the suction cup and let your pet holding the ball.
– Mounting the suction cup firmly on a smooth surface (not on dusty or rough walls and surfaces). In order to discharge the air from the suction cup, step on the suction cup, and then
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Weight: 30 g
Size: Zendix Dog Chew Toy
Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 12 cm; 30 Grams
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Quantity: 1
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Size: Zendix Dog Chew Toy