Automatic Fastbake Bread Maker with Gluten Free Menu 2LB Large Capacity White – Environmental Health – Energy Class A

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  • 2 size bread make, 650g or 800g, 3 levels crust control.
  • 10 minutes memory function.
  • 12 functions including cake, jam, french bread, whole wheat bread ect.
  • 13 hour delay bake timer and 1 hour keep warm function.
  • WARM TIP: This is a bread maker with Non-slip feet design. And in order to make sure that the bread machine does not move during work, we suggest use the bread machine on a textured table. Before use, wipe off the oil on the workbench. You can also wipe the towel or mat under the bread machine.
Weight: 5.98 kg
Dimensions: 40 x 35 x 31 cm; 5.98 Kilograms
Brand: Choicehot
Colour: Bread Maker
Colour: Bread Maker

Product Description

white bread maker

If you were tired with all that fluffy full of soft bred out there on the market. May be it is time to ordered this bread machine to made an delicious bread by yourself. This bread machine is easy to operate and beginner Friendly, you can make hot, nice bread in your free time. Specification: Capacity: 2LB Product Number: BM1333-A 230V/50HZ/550W/GS More size information please reference the picture. About Nut Dispenser: The nut dispenser that bread machine eqquited is removablle, durable, easy to cleaning and convenient. You can according you desire, you can mixes additional raisin and nut in right time to ensure the add ingredients evenly distributed throughout the loaf. Useful Design: 6 Button Contral: menu, color, start stop, loaf, time(+), time(-), you can according the button instruction to operation. Transparent window: can help you monitoring the whole process of bread made. Non-slip feet: Can keep the bread maker keep in table, make the no moved when working time. Cleaning Question: Nonstick coated inner pan, aluminum alloy material and stainless steel for easy cleaning.

bread maker & Bread in kitchen home

Kitchen Essential Small Appliances — Bread Maker

AUCMA Bread Maker professional making all kinds of bread, such as basic bread, French bread, whole wheat bread and cake ect. Automatic and easy to operation belong to beginner friendly kitchen essential small appliance.

From making dough to baking bread, just need this one bread makers machine can easy finish all the work. Equipped with automatic nut dispenser for making different flavor bread. You can also use the jam making function to make jam by yourself to collocation with your bread

Bread Maker with 6 button

Special Function

12 Programs Preset & 3 browning level

When you're tired of the fluffy bread that selling on the market, Why not consider making by yourself in home. gluten free menu provide 12 kinds of programs preset, you can making the bread as you desire.

This bread maker have 2lb capacity, allowing you can make 650g, 800g bread as you suitable size for your desire.

Delay Function & Keep Warm

The best function that this AUCMA bread maker provide is to have hot bread in every busy morning or after work to go home. This bread maker machine have delay function, you can preset delay function make the bread making delay 13 hour.

If you don't want to eat it immediately, you can also preset keep warm function, The bread will get 1 hour of heat preservation.

Off Memory Function

When the bread machine is working, but meet a sudden power failure within 10 minutes. Please don't worried the memory function can provide support. Bread maker will automatically continue to work.

Bread Information

  • Capacity: 2.0LB
  • Size: 32 x 26 x 31cm
  • Power: 550W
  • Loaves Size: 1.43lb (650g), 1.8lb (800g)
  • 12 functions
  • 3 levels crust control
making dough by bread maker instand mixer

Making Dough

This bread maker have dough function, not need mixers or other equipment to easily make the dough that suitable the baking bread. Remove the dough and use for making bread rolls.

Automatic Ingredients Dispenser

Automatic Ingredients Dispenser :

Put nut or other ingredients into transparent ingredient box, the ingredients will automatic drops and evenly distributed on bread in suitable time. endow bread have richer taste.

Baking Whole Wheat Bread

Baking Bread

We provide 3 kinds of browning level. Just possible to determine how light or dark according you desire. This bread maker also can finish 12 kinds of bread bake, such as Basic, French, Whole wheat, Quick, Pizza, Ultra fast, Cake and Sandwich ect.

Jam by bread maker

Making Jam

Bread needs cooperation with jam. put the chopped fruit or vegetables into AUCMA Bread maker, you can easy homemade jams at home by marmalade mode.