Black 45W AC Charger Fit for HP Chromebook 11 14 13 G3 G4 G5 EE 11-v025wm 11-v020wm 11-v031nr 14-x013dx 14-x010nr 14-ak013dx 11-v011dx 11-v010wm 11-v020nr 11-v012nr 11-v032nr Laptop Power Cord Supply

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  • Blue plug size (conect to computer): 4.5 mm x 3.0 mm ( 0.17″ x 0.11″, OD x ID ) / Warm reminder:Please make sure the power supply of 45w as same as your original charger power wattage,( indicated on charger ), make sure plug specification same as original plug specification / Output: 19.5V 2.31A 45W Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz
  • Fit for HP Chromebook 11 G3 G4 G5 EE / 13 G1 / 14 G1 G3 G4, 854544-001 11-v000nq 11-v000ur 11-v001na 11-v001nf 11-v002dx 11-v002nf 11-v004nf 11-v005nd 11-v010nr 11-v010wm 11-v011dx 11-v012nr 11-v019wm 11-v020nr 11-v020wm 11-v021nb 11-v025wm 11-v031nr 11-v032nr 11-v050na 11-v051na 11-v051sa 11-2101tu 11-2102tu 11-2110nr 11-2200na 11-2200nb 11-2200nd 11-2200nf 11-2200nz 11-2201la 11-2201na 11-2201nq 11-2203tu 11-2210nr
  • Fit for HP Chromebook 14-x 14-x000na 14-x000no 14-x002tu 14-x003nf 14-x003no 14-x004na 14-X005TU 14-x006na 14-X006TU 14-x010ca 14-x010nr 14-x013dx 14-x015wm 14-x016na 14-x017na 14-x020na 14-x021ds 14-x022ds 14-x023ds 14-x023na 14-x030nr 14-x031nb 14-x033nb 14-x034nb 14-x040nr 14-x050na 14-x050no 14-x050nr 14-x051no 14-x053no 14-x054na 14-x055na 14-x056na 14-x094nf 14-x095nf 14-x096nf 14-x097nf (ENERGY STAR) PC Product Specifications
  • Fit for HP Chromebook 14-ak000nb 14-ak000nd 14-ak000nf 14-ak000nz 14-ak001nf 14-ak003na 14-ak004na 14-ak004nf 14-ak004no 14-ak005na 14-ak005nf 14-ak005no 14-ak006na 14-ak010nd 14-ak010nr 14-ak013dx 14-ak020nr 14-ak030nr 14-ak031nr 14-ak039wm 14-ak040nr 14-ak040wm 14-ak041dx 14-ak045wm 14-ak050nr 14-ak060nr
  • Warranty: This product is eligible for replacement or refund within 30 days,and the manufacturer provides an additional 12 Months Warranty / Package Includes: 1 X AC Charger, 1 X Power Cord
Dimensions: 16.2 x 11.8 x 4.6 cm; 131.54 Grams
Manufacture: Superer
Reference: SPUK-00724

Product Description


Check Connector Photo to Ensure Compatibility. This charger is not compatible with laptops that require USB Type-C chargers.

PLEASE NOTE ! NOT compatible with HP Spectre 13-2000 Series !!!

This charger has been tested to ensure compatibility with the following HP part numbers:("CTRL+F")

Fit for HP 741727-001 719309-001 719309-003 740015-004 854054-003 854054-002 854054-001 740015-001 740015-002 741553-850 721092-001 742436-001 741553-852 L24008-001


Fit for HP Stream Series PC:11-r010nr, 11-r014wm, 11-r020nr 11-h000, 11-h110nr, 11t-h100, 11-h010ca, 11-h010nr, 11-h013dx, 11t-h000, 11-d010nr, 11-d010wm, 11-d011wm, 11-d020nr, 13-c010nr, 13-p110nr, 13-p120nr, 13-p111nr, 13-p113cl, 13-p117cl, 13-p120ca, 13z-p100, 14-z010nr, 14-z040wm, K2L95UA, K2L96UA, J9V55UA#ABA

Fit for HP Chromebook Series PC: 11 14 13 G3 G4 G5 EE 11-v020nr 11-v010wm 11-v011dx 11-v012nr 11-v020wm 11-v025wm 11-v032nr

Fit for HP Spectre x360 360 x2 Series PC:14-q010nr, 14-q020nr 14-q030nr, 14-q070nr 14-q029wm, 14-q039wm 14-q049wm, 14-q000sa 14-q004sa, 14-q005sa 14-q010sa, 14-q001tu 14-q030sg, 14-q050ca 14-q000ef, 14-q001ef 14-q030ef, 14-q031ef 14-q032ef, 14-q010dx 14-q001xx, 14-q063cl

Fit for HP Spectre x360 360 x2 13 13t 15 PC:13-4001dx, 13-4005dx, 13-3000, 13t-3000, 13t-h200, 13-3010dx, 13-3018ca, 13-4100dx, 13-4105dx, 13-4110dx, 13-4116dx, 13-4193dx, 13-4194dx, 13-4195dx, 13-h210dx, 13-h211nr, 15-ap012dx

HP 250 G3 G4U96UT, G4U97UT

Fit for HP Split 13 x2 :13-g100, 13-g110dx, 13-g118ca, 13-m000, 13-m010dx, 13-m100, 13-m110ca, 13-m110dx, 13t-g100, 13t-m000, 13t-m1000 13-a010dx x360 Convertible g6t71ua#aba

Fit for HP Pavilion x360 x2 11 11t 13 15 M3:11-k120nr, 13-s128nr, 13-s192nr; TouchSmart 15-n, 15-f Series 15-n210us, 15-n210dx, 15-n211dx, 15-n220us, 15-n228us, 15-n230us, 15-n240us, 15-n260us, 15-n280us, 15-n290nr, 15z-n200, 15-f111dx, 15-f211wm, 17-g192dx; m3-u001dx m3-u003dx


Get a second AC adapter for your notebook and keep one in the office and one for home or travel

About Superer

Specialize in providing high quality battery chargers and other equipment for your laptops


All of our product lines are put through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure safe, reliable operation for years to come. In addition, our products are in compliance with top industry standards, and include numerous safety mechanisms, including protection against short circuiting, overvoltage, overcurrent, and internal overheating

  • Durable material and superior components ensure long durability, regardless of scrapes, bumps, or drops
  • Portable design than the OEM is the best alternative to your home,office and travel
  • 10Ft Total Cord length keeps you plugged-in at any work envrionment






4.5X3.0mm SMALL Connector Size


Convenient Bundling of Power Cord

Superior Durability

Power Cord effortlessly withstands every tug,twist,and tangle


Exquisite Outer Packaging