Fishing Magnet Kit Double Sided, 120kg Pulling Force Strong Round Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet N52 with Heavy Duty Rope & Non-Slip Gloves for Magnetic Fishing, River, Salvage, 48mm Diameter

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  • 【Double-Sided Fishing Magnet】This double-sided magnet has TWO magnetic surfaces available, one magnet provide twice the surface area to catch targets. It can make your magnet fishing easier and more interesting, since where one side may miss the object, the magnet on the other side can “catch” it.
  • 【Super Powerful Magnet】- This strong magnet for magnet fishing with 48mm diameter can achieve the maximum pulling strength up to 265LBS (tested under ideal condition) which is plenty powerful enough for retrieving the heaviest items underwater.
  • 【Perfect Magnet Fishing Kit】Package includes one 265lbs pulling force double sided magnet, one pair magnetic fishing gloves, one strong carabiner, 34 feet magnet fishing rope which max tensile force is 350 Pounds. You just need to take it and go fishing directly without having to buy anything else.
  • 【Durable & Anti-Corrosion Magnet for Fishing】Best coating with Ni+Cu+Ni triple layer coated and body stamping machining. Shiny and rust resistant coated steel cup provides protection for the magnet and helps to prevent chipping or cracking.
  • 【Multi Use Neodymium Magnet】Design for heavy duty and underwater application, ideal for fishing, lifting or recovering lost ferrous objects under water, for example water pump, ferrous tools, breakage of heavy metal objects, ancient objects. Also hanging, fixing application and hobby worldwide.

Product Description


– Extreme Super Powerful Magnetic Pulling Force.

– Unique Design, Double-Sided Fishing Magnet.

– Top Quality: this round base rare-earth neodymium cup magnet is made with A3 steel plate and coated with Nickel-Copper-Nickel to be the strongest type of permanent magnet available.

– High Quality:Under strict quality control, long service life.

– Multi Use: Ideal for fishing, hoisting, hanging and recovering magnets. It can also be used to maintain or repair for your garage or garden objects such as eye bolts, screws, hooks, works, DIY, hang, fix, experiments etc.

Super Strong Double Sided Fishing Magnet

Double sided magnet was specifically designed with magnet fishing in mind! You won't have to worry which way the magnet is oriented underwater since both sides are magnetic.


Material: NdFeB Magnets + A3 Steel Plate + 304 Stainless Steel Eyebolt

Size:D48MM X T22MM.

Coating: Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer Coated

Pulling Force: Double Sides Combined 120KG (Each Side 60KG)

Package included:

– 1 * Neodymium Magnet

– 1 * Pair Gloves

– 1 * Fishing Rope(34 ft/10 m)

Perfect Fishing Magnet Kit

Set includes strong powerful double sided magnet & 33ft(10m) of hard wearing nylon braided rope to get you started right away without having to buy anything else.

Kindly Note:

The actual pull strengths will vary depending on other variables such as: Steel thickness (the thinner the steel the lower the pull strength),

steel quality (for example pitted/corroded), surface finish(painted, powder coated will result in a reduced pull force).

– Keep away from children and pacemakers.

– Keep away from magnetic storage devices such as mobile phones, bank cards and computers.

– Gloves is better when you handle it.

– Don’t allow magnets to attach together.

Wide Application:

There are many applications for neodymium fishing magnets, mainly in applications where a strong pulling force is required. Great for spending time with family exploring what can be found in rivers, lakes or anywhere else. Handy assembly for lifting, positioning, holding, retrieving and more. Salvage for various iron containing nickel material.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 12 x 12 cm; 540 Grams
Manufacture: KYGNE
Reference: d-48