froboo Mouse Reaper – Mouse Traps for Indoors that Kill Instantly – Powerful Instant Kill Snap Trap for Mice – Child and Pet Safe Covered Trap (1 Pack)

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  • INSTANT KILL MOUSE TRAP ► Professional Mouse Traps that Kill Instantly; use indoors and outdoors; The Mouse Reaper trap kills upon snapping – no suffocation or prolonged pain and suffering. Our Heavy Duty Trigger will ensure a clean humane kill without the need for chemicals, poisons or sticky glue. The pressure plate within the trap will execute the SNAP at just the right time to kill mice instantly.
  • MOUSE TRAPS FOR INDOORS ► Get rid of Mice in the house, it’s never just the one mouse! House mice are on the hunt for food they need around 3 grams a day to survive. The most common UK brown house mouse will urinate, constantly chew things and leave droppings.
  • EASY TO USE MOUSE TRAP ► The Mouse Reaper trap design is safe for everyone except the mouse! The SNAP is covered, this means you can’t set off the trap with your fingers in it. The bait pod unscrews from the base of the trap by hand. The trap is set by squeezing the trigger, this can be done with your hand or your foot. To empty simply hold the trap over your rubbish bag and squeeze the trigger to drop the dead mouse out. Bait with peanut butter – No need for poison
  • CHILD & PET SAFE MOUSE TRAP ► Our covered dual entrance tunnel snap trap for mice is safer to use indoors compared to open snap traps which can easily harm small children and pets. Covered mouse traps are safer for homes with cats, dogs and young children. The distance from the edge of the tunnel to the snap is 6cm either side.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE ► Buy with confidence. Didn’t catch a mouse? No problem, you can return the mouse traps for a full refund within the first 30 days. Need some help setting it up? You can send us a message by clicking on your order and you will receive a quick, friendly response from one of our team members. Start protecting your property today – click “Add to Cart” and get piece of mind knowing that your family are protected by mouse traps that work.

Product Description

Mouse Reaper – Mouse Traps for Indoors that Kill Instantly – Powerful Instant Kill Snap Trap for Mice – Child and Pet Safe Covered Trap

  • The Mouse Reaper rat trap kills upon snapping — no suffocation or prolonged pain and suffering
  • Safety First – Enclosed trigger prevents accidental activation by pets and children
  • Dual Entry Tunnel – Perfect for setting against walls and fences
  • Bait pod easily unscrews from the base of the trap
  • Trigger can be set with hand or foot. This trigger design is easier for people with less strength.
  • No need for harsh poisons or chemicals – Trap can be set with peanut butter

Product Details & Specifications

  • Measures 20 cm Width x 15 cm Depth x 11 cm Height
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Entry tunnels: 2
  • Trigger style: Pedal

How to Catch a Mouse in Your House


The following steps will help you get success catching mice indoors using the Mouse Reaper Instant Kill Trap.

Step 1 Preparation

Mice can detect human scent so it is essential you wear disposable gloves when handling the mouse trap. Mouse Reaper is supplied with 2 pairs of gloves. You can also use other types like rubber washing up gloves or the latex type used for food preparation. It is also essential to where gloves when emptying the trap to protect yourself from any disease the rodent might have.

Step 2 – Choosing the Bait

We recommend using peanut butter this is because mice primarily eat seeds and nuts. The key to success is not overloading the bait pod, you really only need a small amount. Unscrew the bait pod from below the trap and fill it level to the top using a kitchen knife or spoon.

Step 3 – Patience

Mice are going to wary of any new objects that appear in the room and this includes your new mouse trap. We know you want to catch the mouse ASAP but a little patience will pay off. First find the best location for the trap, mice like to travel along walls so positioning the trap along skirting boards is perfect. Leave the trap in position WITHOUT BAIT AND UNSET for a couple of days. The mice will become familiar with the trap and see it as no threat.

Step 4 – Setting the Trap

Using the tips above your trap should already be in position. Wear your gloves and turn the trap over to access and remove the bait pod. Fill with a small amount of peanut butter and insert back into the trap. Reposition the trap and press down on the trigger using your hand (in gloves) or your foot (in shoes). The trap is now set and hopefully tonight will be a success. Remember the mice already have a food source somewhere in the house so this could take a couple of days.


Opening Your Mouse Trap

Your froboo mouse trap will arrive in a box with 2 pairs of disposable gloves. Use the gloves to prevent human contact with the trap as mice have great senses.

  1. We highly recommend using disposable gloves provided when handling the trap.
  2. Place the mouse trap along the edge of a wall or path close to where you have seen signs of mice ie. droppings or grease smears
  3. Leave the mouse trap un-set and un-baited for 2 days. This will help to dissipate any human smell and allow the mice to become familiar with it.

Preparing Your Mouse Trap

The following steps will help to prepare your mouse trap for success. Your trap should have now been in place for 2 days.

  1. We will now get the mouse familiar with the bait.
  2. Place a small amount (half teaspoon) of peanut butter just inside the tunnel area. (not in the bait pod) Try not to touch the trap with your hands.
  3. Leave the trap trigger in the unset position.
  4. Check the next morning if the peanut butter has gone it is now time to load the bait pod and set the trap.

How to Set the Mouse Trap

It is now time to load the bait pod and set the trap trigger. Please continue to wear gloves and follow these steps.

  1. Turn the trap over. Remove the bait pod by turning anti-clockwise.
  2. Fill the bait pod with peanut butter. (Do not over-fill)
  3. Position the bait pod and turn clockwise to lock into position. Turn Trap back over.
  4. The trigger can by squeezing with your hand on pressing down with your foot.
  5. Place the trap back in the position it was previously.
  6. Check trap each morning for results.

How to Empty the Trap

Your Froboo mouse trap is re-usable so we suggest you empty the dead mouse from the trap as follows.

  1. Wear gloves so you do not come into contact with the dead mouse.
  2. Have a carrier bag or bin liner ready.
  3. Hold the trap over the carrier bag and squeeze the trigger.
  4. The mouse will release into the bag.
  5. Discard with your rubbish on bin day. Do not compost as this can create a food chain for other wild animals.



The UK house mouse

(Mus musculus domesticus) has a 7-9 cm body and a 4-5 cm tail which is long compared to the body and used to balance. The house mouse comes in a range of light to dark-brown shades and has large rounded ears with a pointed snout.

Mice will move into your home anytime of year

There is a misconception that they do so only in winter months. They make nests in places such as loft spaces, under floor boards or in cavity walls, garden sheds, storage boxes and wherever there is access to a good source of food making your home the perfect place to breed.

Mice are one of the most common pest species in the UK

They might look cute but they spread disease to humans such as Salmonella and Listeria by contaminating food with their urine and droppings.

Mice are breeding machines

A female mouse can produce 10 litters a year giving birth to 5 to 6 babies. Living indoors enhances the breeding capabilities, since they can then breed all year long in warm safe environment. The average mouse has a lifespan of 12 months which means your house can become infested quickly.



How to Get Rid of Mice When You Have Pets?

Mouse Reaper has been designed to be safer for use indoors compared to traditional open snap traps. The trap has a tunnel design with 2 entrance points. The snap and the bait are positioned in the centre of the tunnel approx. 6.5 cm from the entrances. This makes it harder for cats and dogs to reach the bait and accidently set off the trap.

What Bait to use for Catching Mice When You Have Pets?

Mice feed on nuts and seeds and might enjoy your nibbling in your breakfast cereal boxes. We recommend using peanut butter as bait for your Mouse Reaper trap. The bait pod unscrews from the base of the trap, keeping your fingers safe. You can use a spoon or knife to fill the bait pod with a small amount of peanut butter. The trick is to not overload the bait pod as you want the mouse to reach in to eat the bait. Over filling the bait pod will allow the mouse to get a nibble without triggering the trap.

Dimensions: 31 x 23.6 x 13.4 cm; 510 Grams
Manufacture: froboo