QUINEAR Air Compression Leg Massager with Heat, Leg Compression Machine for Foot Calf Wraps Massage Therapy 3 Modes 3 Intensities 2 Heat Functions Helpful for RLS and Edema

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About this item

  • ★HELPS RELIEVE FATIGUE AND PAIN – The leg massager is used to massage your feet and calves, 2×2 air bags inside, compress your foot and calf muscles from lower to upper to relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation. Helps relieve the restless RLS, leg syndrome, cramps, Lymphedema, varicose veins, leg swelling, reduces pain and soreness.
  • ★HEATING FUNCTION AND REMOVABLE, WASHABLE CLOTH COVERS – The leg air massager has low and high heating function. The heating function can promote circulation, relieve pain, fatigue, and improve sleep quality. With the cloth covers being removable by velcro, you can easily remove it and wash if dirty, use more hygienic with your family.
  • ★20 MINS TIMING AND SECURITY CONTROL – 20 Minutes auto shut off after continuous use for your safety and avoid overuse, which is very safe for the elderly.
  • ★MASSAGE EXPERIENCE FOR THE FOOT AND CALF – There are 3 massage intensities, 3 massage modes and 2 heating functions to choose from. With 10 massage techniques, enjoy a foot-to-leg massage.
  • ★BEST GIFT FOR EVERYONE – Made of high quality finely sewn fabric, soft and skin friendly, ideal gift for your family and friends.You will like it!

Product Description


QUINEAR Air Compression Leg & Foot Massager with Heat can provide air pressure massage and heating function simultaneously, to help you release stress, relieve sore muscles, improve circulation etc.

  1. Ease muscle tension, plantar fasciitis.
  2. Reduce leg swelling, fatigue and pain.
  3. Relieve lymphedema, varicose veins, restless leg syndrome, venous insufficiency.
  4. Improve circulation and sleep quality.
  5. Speed up metabolism, enhance body's immunity & resistance.
  6. Heating function can help warm up cold foot and leg to accelerate circulation flow.


Product Features:

  • Low and High Heating Function promote leg circulation better;
  • 2×2 airbags inside to provide provide more massage methods to release stress;
  • 3 massage modes and 3 air compression Intensities, give you more choices;
  • 20 minutes automatically shut-off function, very useful for the elderly;
  • Removable flushing cloth sleeve, easy to clean and keep sanitary;
  • Widely adjustable leg cuffs to fit larger calves;
  • Comes with a Travel Storage Bag. Easy to take it at home, in the office or on travel.


  • Rated Voltage: AC100V~240V/ DC12V 3A
  • Rated Power: 36 W


  • The wraps work only when both air hoses are connected with controller correctly.
  • We suggest that you should use the "min heating" at first, then try the stronger if you need.
  • The heat function is off by default, you can start the heat function via "Heat" button, 2 heating levels selectable, you can also close it if you do not need.




Improve Circulation

Best Gift for your parents, help middle-aged and elderly people improve their leg swelling, restless leg or poor circulation.

Relax Muscles After Exercise

The air compression wraps can help you relax muscles and relief sore leg muscles when you finish the exercise.

Relieve Fatigue During Work

This leg massger will make you feel relaxed and energetic, if you feel so tired or too much pressure under the working.




Removable & Washable Leg Covers

  • Sweaty legs? Not a problem!
  • The inner layer of leg massager can be removed and is 100% machine washable.

20 Mins Auto ShutOff

  • 20-minute auto-off safety protect function, to avoid overuse when you fall asleep.
  • Pretty safe for the use by elderly.

Portable Design for Traveling

The leg circulation massager device comes with a portable bag, the leg cuffs and controller can be packed into the Travel Storage Bag, you can take it along the travel.

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Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat Foot & Leg Massager with Heat Full Legs and Feet Massager Leg Massager with Heat Air Compression Leg Massager
Massage Areas FootSole, Instep, Toes, Heel Calves + Feet Thighs+Calves+Feet Arm / Calf Arm / Calf
Massage Methods Shiatsu, Kneading, Rolling, Pressing, Heating Air Kneading, Air Pressing, Heating Air Kneading, Air Pressing Air Kneading, Air Pressing, Heating Air Kneading, Air Pressing
Massage Modes Auto Mode / Manual Mode Sequence Mode / Circulation Mode / Whole Mode Sequence Mode/ Circulation Mode/ Whole Mode Sequence Mode / Circulation Mode / Whole Mode Sequence Mode / Whole Mode
Efficacy Relax Muscle, Improve Circulation, Pain Releif, Foot Warmer Relax Muscle, Improve Circulation, Pain Releif, Leg & Foot Warmer Relax Muscle, Improve Circulation, Pain Releif Relax Muscle, Improve Circulation, Pain Releif, Leg Warmer Relax Muscle, Improve Circulation, Pain Releif
Massage Intensities 6 Levels 3 Levels 3 Levels 3 Levels 3 Levels
Heating / /
Output Power 12V / 3A 12V / 3A 12V / 1A 12V / 2A 12V / 1A