Bearbro Water Timer for Garden,3/4″ 19mm Thread Sprinkler Timer,Automatic Watering Timer,Water Timer Irrigation,for Garden Greenhouse Plant Grass

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  • 【QUALITY MATERIALS】 Bearbro water timer is made of high quality ABS plastic, which is durable, waterproof and corrosion resistant. It with a waterproof protective cover, you can better protect the water meter.
  • 【AUTOMATIC & WATER SAVING】 Bearbro watering cycle timer can be set up to 16 times a day and the longest period can be set to water once every 7 days. The run time of each run can be accurate from 1 minute to 600 minutes.
  • 【2 TYPES of TAP CONNECTOR】We equipped it with 2 types of tap connector, It adapted for 1/2 “and 3/4” threaded tap. Bearbro Automatic Water Timer is useful for watering plants and grass when going on vacation. With this device, you can water any plant without having to drive from side to side.
  • 【INTELLIGENT WATERING】You can set the automatic watering cycle and watering time。The automatic watering device does not generate pressure, so the pressure comes from the tap water pressure. It can only be used with tap water or pressurized water suitable for water pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.6MPa.
  • 【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION】Thanks to its automatic and intelligent design, it is easy to use and saves time. Bearbro watering timer is very practical and can be used in your home,garden,roof garden,lawn, balcony, patio, greenhouse plants, agriculture etc.
Dimensions: 12.9 x 12.1 x 9.7 cm; 330 Grams
Manufacture: LTT EU

Product Description


Why use Bearbro Irrigation Water Timer?

The use of intelligent irrigation systems not only retains water resources, but also improves automated watering efficiency and significantly reduces working costs.

The flowers and plants can be automatically watered at regular intervals although no one is at home. Care for your flowers and plants and improve plant survival rate.

We use an improved valve core. The battery life is longer and there is the low voltage protection function. After replacing the battery, you can still use the previous program. With our Bearbro Irrigation Water Timer, it'll be more easier in the garden when you are not there.

Now you won't have to ask your neighbours to water your plants when you go on holiday !

This Bearbro New Automatic Electronic Water Timer with LCD Digital Display could not be simpler to set up and use. The incoming fitting (3/4" bsp tap thread ) top connection screws straight onto your garden tap and the bottom outlet fitting is the standard type.The clear cover screws on over the controls to keep the unit watertight.


Product parameters:

Material: ABS

Weight: 250g

Size: 11x9x9cm

Power supply: 2xAAA batteries (not included in delivery)

Adaptation aperture: 21mm&26.5mm (1/2" and 3/4")

Irrigation frequency: 7 days a week & every day

Irrigation time: 1min-9h59min

Number of modes: 16

Applicable water pressure: 0.2-0.6Mpa


1. Due to the limited service life of the rechargeable battery, the service life of the general rechargeable battery is about 2 years. In order to prevent the battery from running out and the water cannot be shut off, the battery needs to be replaced in time. When the battery is exhausted, the low battery indicator on the display flashes. Replace the battery immediately.

2. Since plants have different water needs in each season, it is best to reset the irrigation program every season to adapt to the water needs of plants.

3. The controller has no memory function, and the program can only be run after changing the battery.

4. Due to impurities in the tap water, there is a stainless steel filter in the connection, which needs to be cleaned in time to avoid clogging.