Brabantia Premium Protective Cover for Rotary Dryer Washing Lines (Black) Weather-resistant Zip-Up Sleeve for all Brabantia Rotaries

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About this item

  • Protective and suitable for all Brabantia rotary dryer washing lines
  • Made of hard-wearing and weather-resistant fabric
  • Easy to fit and remove zip closure over the whole length of the cover
  • Comes with 2 years Brabantia guarantee
  • Dimension: 160 x 15 x 15 cm
SKU: B007P3N95I
Weight: 347 g
Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 160 cm; 347 Grams
Brand: Brabantia
Model: 420405
Colour: Assorted Colours
Colour: Assorted Colours

From the manufacturer

Brabantia, rotary, rotary cover, washing line
Brabantia, rotary cover, rotary, washing line, clothes line
Rotary Cover, Premium

Brabantia Protective Cover for Rotary Dryer Washing Lines – Black

You can leave your rotary dryer outside, even when the weather is bad. Our protective cover is made of weather resistant material and keeps your washing lines dry and clean.

The Brabantia protective cover is easy to fit and to remove thanks to the zip closure over the entire length of the cover. The protective cover is suitable for all Brabantia rotary washing lines.

Let's Dry Outside


Every time you buy a Brabantia rotary or inside dryer, WeForest plant a tree on behalf of Brabantia.

WeForest plant trees with the aim to reduce global warming. By supporting WeForest we help reforesting Africa’s Great Green Wall by planting trees. Thus, we make the Burkina Faso and Ethiopian desert a greener place.

Brabantia, rotary cover, washing line cover, washing line, clothes line