Snowbee Granite PVC Thigh Wader With Cleated Sole

SALE PRICE: £41.66

  • New crossed braces design features new Snowbee logo
  • Elasticated material with a Duralex rear buckle to hold the braces together and prevent them slipping off your shoulders
  • Elasticated waist belt, for added safety when deep wading
  • Fitted with heavy-duty, PVC boots with a deep tread, cleated sole for a sure grip in most conditions

From the manufacturer

Simple rules for sizing & best practice of Waders

Snowbee Waders

Snowbee Waders

Snowbee Waders

Waders 5

1) Best Fit

This photo shows a correct sized pair of waders. There is room in the body and the legs are long enough, so they do not pull tight when crouching, kneeling, or sitting.

2) Stepping Test

Put one foot up on a chair, to replicate the action of stepping up onto the bank. You should be able to do this without any 'tight-spots'. If not, you need a bigger size.

3) Kneeling Test

Try kneeling, as if you were un-hooking a fish. If the body or crotch seam feel 'tight' you need a bigger body size. If the legs pull tight at the front or back of the ankle seam, you need a longer leg size.

4) Removing your waders

This is the CORRECT way to remove wader socks. Sit down, or lean against the car or a tree, group the sock at the back of the ankle and pull each sock off in turn.