YISSVIC Agility Ladder Speed Ladder 6M 12-Rung with 10 Cones and 4 Stakes

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  • 12 Durable plastic rungs, overall length: 6m. Each rung measuring 42cm long, 2.2cm wide and 5mm thick
  • Equipped with 10 Cones which can be used to mark out training areas, warm up drills, shuttle and slalom based exercises
  • Equipped with 4 Stakes which can keep the agility ladder secured to the ground
  • Equipped with a carry bag for easy portability
  • Great tool for you to improve quickness through accelerated foot strike and lift frequency. Also, it’s great for weight loss as it can torch calories bigtime

Product Description

YISSVIC Agility Ladder 6M 12-Rung with 10 Cones and 4 Stakes

Agility ladder training opens up a whole new world of physical challenge. It allows you to train like an athlete, improving your agility, speed, coordination and flexibility. This will translate to vastly improved performance on the football field or running track. It will also make you fitter and leaner faster than almost any other form of training.

Benefits of Agility Ladders

  1. Greatly improve your foot placement, foot movement, and overall coordination
  2. Great for improving mobility and balance
  3. Improve your acceleration, lateral movement, and turning ability
  4. Strengthen your joints, ligaments, and tendons

YISSVIC Agility ladder features:

  • 4 Metal Stakes: It allows you to attach the ladder to the ground, which is great because it will stay in place when training with it.
  • 10 Football Marker Cones: It hellps you mark out training areas, warm up drills, shuttle and slalom based exercises
  • 1 Carry Bag: It's provided to make it easy to transport the ladder


  • Being able to adjust the spacing between the rungs greatly adds to the versatility because it lets you adjust the ladder to suit all of your speed training needs.


  • The straps are made of tough nylon materials in order to stop them from fraying, also the rungs are made of strong plastic to stop them from snapping in the case that you step on them.

Package include

  • 1 x Agility Ladder
  • 4 x Metal Stakes
  • 10 x Cones
  • 1 x Carry Bag

Dimensions: 43.94 x 18.8 x 10.41 cm; 1.01 Kilograms
Colour: Orange
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: YISSVIC
Colour: Orange
Reference: AG-01