Digital Multiparameter Water Quality Test Meter, PH Meter, TDS Meter, EC, and Temperature Test Meter, 4 in 1 Set for Testing RO Drinking Water, Indoor, Pool, Hydroponics, Aquarium Swimming & More

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  • 【 MULTIFUNCTIONAL UPGRADE DIGITAL METER 】Multifunctional Water Purity Tester Set provides exact and accurate reading in 5 seconds. This Water Quality tester set is a combo of TDS PH EC Temperature. With big LCD, you can easily read reading for Drinking water, swimming pools, Hydroponics, Fishpond & more!
  • 【RELIABLE AND HIGH ACCURACY 】PH Meter has 0.01pH resolution, Accuracy ±0.05PH. Digital TDS Meter has a measurement range of 0~9990ppm and ± 2% accuracy. EC ranges from 0 ~ 9990 us/cm, ± 2% accuracy. The testing Data from PPM meter and PH Meter all are reliable and practical.
  • 【AUTO-OFF FUNCTION AND EASY TO USE 】Our simplest yet fastest PH Pen has AUTO CALIBRATION function. To calibrate the PH pen tester does not require screwdrivers.TDS Pen has LOCK & AUTO SHUT OFF function. The PH and TDS meter both are easy to use.
  • 【 SMALL SIZE AND POCKER PORTABLE 】Instead of forking out for a costly lab test, take lab-grade measurements for PH/MV and Conductivity/TDS/Salinity in a quick manner with our Digital water quality test meters. Small but perfect for testing PH balance of RO system, spa, Ro System, pool, or hydroponics. Take it in your pocket where you go out!
  • 【MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 】 Our Digital Water Quality Test Meter comes with 30 days Money Back Guarantee and 120 days Replacement Service. If there are any issues with our product please Contact Us. We will help to meet your satisfaction. Buy now this 4 in One Cost-Effective and Trustable Quality Water Quality/purity Test Meter Set!

Product description

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Get Your Water Quality Readings in Seconds and Lab-Quality Results from Home
Professional Water Quality Test Pen is a quick and reliable water test meter.

Widely Use Application
Our portable PH/ TDC&EC Meter kit is specially designed for lab-grade PH and conductivity measurement in the field with a variety of intelligent functions.
✔Pure water production and private water sources like wells, seawater
✔Fresh drinking water, swimming pool water, soil, aquaculture, food processing
✔Testing Nutrient levels in hydroponic setups
✔RO, DI, or distillation unit effectiveness
✔The Enzyme, Saliva, and Chemical experiment


PH Meter
Our Digital ppm tester and ph tester provides 0.01 PH Accuracy water qualities and makes your water quality health expert!
Measure Range: 0.00-14.00pH
Resolution: 0.01pH
Accuracy: ± 0.01pH
Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V LR44 (Keep using more than 500 hours)
Dimensions: 155mm*31mm*18mm
Weight: 50 g
Calibration: Two Points Automatic Calibration Button
Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0-60℃/ 32-40℉

TDS Meter
Even though no TDS Meter can replicate the accuracy of an expensive laboratory instrument, this efficient TDS Meter is great for a close estimate.
Measurements Range: 0-9 999ppm ( 999ppm Display x 10)
Accuracy: ±2%
Power Supply: 2*1.5V (LR44 Button Cell) (Included)
Dimensions: 144mm * 25mm * 14mm/ 5.5”7 x 0.98” x0.55”
Net Weight: 55g

How to Use
1. Remove the protective cover from the meter and clean the electrode of the PH Meter with distilled water
2. Connect the switch located on the battery compartment
3. Just insert the Water test pen into the solution and stir the solution and wait just 2 min
4. Read the displayed reading

Package Includes:
1 x TDS Meter
1 x PH Meter
3 x PH Buffer Powder
2 x User’s Manual

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Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm; 160 Grams
Manufacture: beststar