SREMTCH 80W Soldering Iron Set, LCD Screen Soldering Iron(200 ° C – 450 ° C) with ON / Off Switch and Adjustable Temperature Button, Quick-Heating Ceramic Thermostat Design, Bonus 5 Pcs Tips

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About this item

  • 【High-Performance Heating Core&Electronic LCD Soldering Iron】 The 80W soldering iron heats up quickly with an internally heated ceramic technology. High-temperature stability can protect your welding objects, the soldering iron with high definition LCD screen display, which shows the temperature status more clearly. With the temperature button on the electronic soldering, you can set the temperature from 392 ° C to 842 ° C (200 ° C – 450 ° C).
  • 【Exclusive Patent Design&Soldering Iron With ON/OFF Switch】 The four ventilation holes on the soldering tip and the four ventilation holes on the tube provide better heat dissipation than others. Power consumption is lower than that of a normal soldering iron. This is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, the switch on the soldering iron allows for a convenient operation that can be turned on and off anytime, anywhere.
  • 【Comfortable Non-Slip Handle & Durable in Use】 Soldering Iron The handle of the gun made of high-quality silicone material can mitigate high temperature, this material is non-slip and heat resistant, so it is convenient and safe to use, Superior professional soldering iron tools have 5 replacement tips with multiple tips which are oxidation resistant and do not rust easily when immersed in water.
  • 【Widely Used】 The soldering iron tools are a good choice for welding board, home improvement, home appliance repair, jewelry welding. It is easy to use whether you are an electronics hobbyist or a beginner studying electronics.
  • 【Satisfaction Guarantee】 We have a 30-day money-back guarantee and replacement policy, as well as a 12-month product guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Professional advisors are available 24 hours a day.

Product Description

SREMTCH LCD Soldering Iron Set Electronics 80W, Temperature Adjustable 200-450, ON / OFF Switch

SREMTCH 80W Soldering Iron Precision Set With LCD Digital Display

SREMTCH 80W Pro Precision Soldering Iron Set With LCD Digital Display Is A Necessary Soldering Accessory For Daily Do-It-Yourself And Soldering Electronic Components.

Excellent SREMTCH soldering iron tools are widely used in PCB welding, equipment maintenance, jewelry welding, wood products, craft welding, auto repair shop, computer hardware home appliance, and cell phone repair. Very suitable for beginners, welders, basic household equipment, welding technician training. If you have any questions, we offer 24-hour advice.

SREMTCH soldering iron set is a simple type – suitable for beginners.


Improved ON / OFF Switch

The on/off button and the work indicator lamp can be opened, closed, and operated freely and easily.

LCD Screen

High-resolution LCD screen display, the temperature status more clearly.

Faster Heating With High Output (80 W)

Use an imported 80W heavy-duty heater core, which has excellent thermal conductivity and can be quickly heated to operating temperature.

Four Ventilation Holes

The four ventilation holes on the soldering tip and the four ventilation holes on the tube ensure better heat dissipation than others.

Product Specifications :

Größe: 27 x 15 x 5 cm

Gewicht: 148 g

Material: Kunststoff + Legierung

Leistung: 80 W.

Kabellänge: 140cm

Temperatureinstellbereich: 200-450 ℃

Wertanzeige: LCD-Digitalanzeige

Welding tips:

Check to see if the soldering iron cracks are cracked or burned.

Tin the soldering iron after each use to avoid rust formation.

Cleaning the tip while in use enables a better welding result.

Use and clean soldering iron in a well-ventilated place.

Choose the type of tip that is appropriate for the welding job.

  • Perform soldering on the printed circuit board without difficulty;
  • Complete for small electronic or electric vehicles;
  • Assembly of electronic components: repair of household appliances, printed circuit design, model making .

Why Choose The SREMTCH Soldering Iron Set With an LCD Digital Display?

1. Fast heating: Very fast heating thanks to the internal ceramic technology by induction in 15-20 seconds.

2. Heat dissipation: With the small ventilation slots on the bottom of the tip holder, it cools down quickly in a few minutes and you can put the soldering iron on the soldering stand.

3. On or Off button: The ability to turn the iron on and off while in use without having to unplug it from the switch.

4. Temperature setting: Offer a temperature range between 200 ° C and 450 ° C. Better temperature control via the button.

5.Display with LCD screen: The digital display shows you the exact temperature and allows you to read the temperature value clearly

6. The welder is equipped with an approx. 140 cm long power cable.

Multifunctional Accessories, Simple And Practical Desoldering Pump And Wire Stripping Pliers


1.Please be very careful when using the tools, better keep them in a place that children cannot reach.

2. Turn off when you are not using the pen iron. And please don't let the soldering ironwork at high temperatures.

3. Do not apply too much pressure when welding. As long as the iron tip is in full contact with the soldering point, heat can be transferred.

4. To avoid oxidation, please clean the soldering iron tip and "tin-tin" on all sides of the tip with a layer of solder after use. If there is black oxide on the iron tip, please clean it with a damp sponge first. This very beginner-friendly iron should be in every simple toolbox of every home, especially if you have a variety of children's toys!

Follow The Steps Below To Make Your Welds

First of all, make sure that you have all the necessary elements available to carry out your weld.

Choose the right tip type.

Plugin the iron, set the appropriate temperature, and wait about 30 seconds for the tip to heat up.

Then check that the parts are clean and not rusted, and clean them if necessary.

Then put the parts in contact and apply the hot tip to the point of contact.

Be careful not to touch the tip or hot parts with bare hands (wear gloves if necessary).

Weight: 200 g
Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 2 cm; 200 Grams
Colour: Black
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: SREMTCH
Colour: Black