Marble Mania 162 Piece Marble Run For Kids – Construction Toy For Boys or Girls Aged 4 Years +: Toys & Games

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  • Fun & Educational For Kids – Children can design and construct endless combinations with the 90 building pieces.
  • FREE Storage Tub – After play time, all the pieces fit neatly into the strong plastic storage tub.
  • BONUS Guidebook – Use the guidebook to help build 4 different Marble Mania runs.
  • Easy Fit Pieces For Kids – Each piece easily pull’s apart and pushes together to make strong and sturdy constructions.
  • See Through Pieces – The translucent pieces allows kids to follow the marbles on their journey down the run. Includes 54 marbles!
Dimensions: 33.4 x 22.5 x 20 cm; 1.76 Kilograms
Model: 12238
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: Yes

Product Description

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Marble Mania 162 Piece Set

Marble Mania is a new take on a classic game enjoyed by all ages through the years. This fantastic set features 162 bright and colourful pieces which allows you to create an almost limitless amount of new and fun Marble Runs to experiment with. This Marble Mania set also includes a really handy carry storage tub for all your Marble Run pieces as well as a bonus guidebook full of Marble run designs of varying difficulty to recreate, or to inspire your own wild Marble Run creations!

Marble Run

162 Pieces

Carry Box


Marble Mania

The brightly coloured translucent pieces are made from strong, 100% non-toxic & BPA Free plastic, and can be easily pushed together for sturdy constructions.

They can also be easily pulled apart again making it perfect for creative kids of all ages, even big kids!

162 Pieces

This Marble Mania Set features 162 Pieces in total.

This includes:

  • 90 Construction Pieces
  • 36 Glass Marbles
  • 36 Plastic Marbles

Really Handy Carry Tub!

The entire set comes packaged within this really handy carry tub. That means that you can play and build without having all 162 pieces strewn across the floor and losing all of your marbles.

Also once play is over, all the pieces can be tidied up back into the carry tub and put away for easy storage!

Learn while you play

Marble Mania is both good for fun, and for development!

Creating and testing marble runs within a set space is fantastic in helping to improve a childs problem solving, thinking and logical skills, and the different bright colours of the building pieces help improve colour recognition.

Marble Mania can also be a very good social game, whether it's with parents, guardians or friends; playing marble run together helps children socialise and play with each other.

Guide Book

Bonus Guidebook!

Marble Mania includes a super helpful bonus guidebook which contains loads of different marble run designs which are all part of four challenging Mable Run Creations to try and recreate yourself.

Each of the four Marble Mania Creations get progressively more difficult, can you complete them all?

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Strong & Sturdy!

Endless Combinations!

The Perfect Gift!