FBSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards,SUP Board,6″Thick Stand Up Paddle Boarding,Paddling Board for Youth & Adult,All-Around SUP Accessories:Adjustable Paddle/Backpack/Pump/Removable Fin,Surfboard size:10’6”

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About this item

  • Professional Inflatable Stand Up Paddling Board:Inflatable SUP Board features a high-density drop-stitch core, maximizing stability, rigidity and durability, while keeping the board light. Inflatable Paddle Board Measuring 10’6”*31”*6”, it’s light, fast and well suited to all kinds of popular SUP activities like racing or cruising on a quiet lake, the ocean or down a calm river.
  • All Ages & Waters: All-round SUP is suitable for both teenagers and adult, beginners and experienced, wave surfing and spare time enjoying. The surfboards are designed for leisure and entertainment, providing newbies and seasoned paddlers with a top quality paddle board that is perfect for any occasions on the water. Best for fishing, excursions, snorkeling, fishing or recreational paddling in all weather conditions. Perfectly enjoy the charm of sea.
  • Easy to Maneuver: Outfitted with triple bottom panel fins can effectively increase the speed of the main board and help you break the surface like a fish.Weight capacity is 128 KG (282 lbs). The included adjustable aluminium paddle can be set to your preferred height (adjustable from 130CM to 250CM).
  • Safety & Stability: Non-Slip Soft Top Deck Nice to Beginners and Better for Improved Stability and Balance While Standing. With its outstanding outfit of the High Pressure Double Action Hand Pump which can be used to reach max 15 PSI. Quickly Inflates or Deflates for easy storage. Your time for preparation before having fun of paddling is cut off into half.
  • Complete Paddle Board Accessories: You Will Get Everything You Need for Your Surfing Travel. Includes Stand Up Paddling Board, Adjustable Aluminium Paddle, Hand Pump, a central fin, a coiled ankle cuff safety leash, a heavy duty rucksack. The complete Surfboard package will get you anywhere you want to paddle easily and comfortably.

Product description

★ Features for Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards:
1. Surface Laminate PVC & Non-slip EVA traction pad make our stand up paddle boards so tough,the maximum load capacity is 128 kg. Inflatable SUP Paddling Board is 10’6“ length and provides 31” of deck width, and rigid 6″ thick base make for improved stability and balance while standing ride.
2.The SUP Board is foldable, lightweight, come with a backpack, all the accessories can be stored in the bag, You can carry the inflatable paddling board easily to anywhere.
3.You and your family can paddling on the river, lake, sea, enjoy nature scenery. You can experience a variety of different ways to play with surfboards! Stand up paddleboarding is great for all levels from beginners to experienced paddlers.
4.Use the double-action pump to quickly inflate in 5 minutes and quickly deflate in 3 minutes, very convenient and efficient.

★ Specifications for Adult Paddle Board:
Board Size:10’6″x31”x6″
Color: blue, green, purple
Max Payload: 128 kg
High Pressure Applied: 15PSI
Height Adjustment Range for 3 Pieces Paddle: 130 – 200 cm

★ SUP Package:
1 x Inflatable Stand Up Paddling Board
1 x Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
1 x Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge
1 x Travel Backpack
1 x Removable Center Fin
1 x Safety Leash

★ Paddle Boards’ Storage and Maintenance:
1. Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight, so as not to cause cracking or fading.
2. Please avoid direct sunlight when not in use.
The sun will damage the material and increase the pressure due to thermal expansion, exceeding the set pressure limit.
3. Lower the PSI when not in use.
If you must keep the paddle inflated under direct sunlight, please lower the pressure, knowing that you can press it with your hands.

SKU: B097H28G9T
Dimensions: 89.5 x 38 x 26.5 cm; 14.38 Kilograms
Colour: Green
Manufacture: FBSPORT
Colour: Green