Polar Ignite 2 Fitness Watch Heart Rate GPS Activity Tracker Gold

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  • Create the lifestyle that gives you confidence with the help of our sports smartwatch for women and men. With smart features like music controls, weather forecast and push notifications – you have everything you need to come back stronger.
  • Get strong, stay healthy: With personalized workout guidance, sleep analysis and recovery tracking you can understand your body better and form healthy habits that work for you.
  • For fitness, formal and everything in between: Polar Ignite 2 is perfect for gym, group exercise, swimming, running, cycling, walking, yoga as well as office and your free time.
  • The tech that helps you stay on top: built-in GPS, wrist-based HR monitoring, long battery life, running program, FitSpark daily training guide, Nightly Recharge.
  • Glow up with Ignite 2: Choose from a variety of colors and accessory bands to fit your personality perfectly (sold separately). Change the watch face to match your current mood and feel confident in any situation.

Product description

The Polar Ignite 2 Fitness Watch comes with an extremely long battery life of up to 5 days in watch mode or up to 20 hours of continous training time. Coming with an advanced wrist-based heart rate which is tracked with precision prime sensor fusion technology. The Nightly Recharge recovery measurement shows you how well you recover from the demands of your day during the night. FitSpark training guide delivers daily on-demand workouts that match your recovery, fitness level and training history. Relax your body and calm your mind with Serene breathing exercise. See how your body uses different energy sources during a training session, thanks to Polar Ignite 2 dividing your energy usage into carbs, proteins and fats. Measurements: 43 x 43 x 8.5 mm. Weight: 35 g with wristband, 21 g without wristband. Display: Gesture-activated colour touch display (IPS TFT) with ambient light sensor (ALS). Always-on option in training mode. Resolution 240×204. Dragontrail glass lens. Battery: 165 mAh Li-pol. Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Custom USB cable for charging and data synchronisation. Water resistant 30 m (ISO 22810, suitable for swimming). Can be set up and used without other devices or connections (limited memory capacity for data storage). To access all features, functionalities and unlimited cloud storage, connect your watch to Polar Flow, our free app and web service and the home of your sports and fitness data.

SKU: B09132462N
Size: S-L
Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.3 x 0.85 cm; 34.02 Grams
Brand: Polar
Model: 90085185
Colour: Champagne/Gold
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: Polar
Colour: Champagne/Gold
Department: Unisex
Department: Unisex
Size: S-L

From the manufacturer

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hrm heart rate smart watch polar for fitness with gps
Train with Polar Flow or other fitness apps

For a full Polar Ignite 2 experience, connect the watch to Polar Flow, our free fitness and training app or any other compatible fitness app (Strava, Training Peaks, Training by Runtastic, Nike+ Run Club, Adidas Running by Runtastic and others). Just choose the one that best fits your needs and turn your phone into a fitness tracker easily.

Polar Ignite 2

Fitness smartwatch with GPS

The Polar Ignite 2 fitness watch is sleek, simple and smart. Get personalized guidance for workouts, recovery and sleep – in a beautifully designed watch that looks and feels good 24/7.

Essential smartwatch features as music controls and weather, keep you in control. For fitness, formal and everything in between.

Sizing: Wrist circumference 130-210 mm

Two wristband size options included in the package.

  • Advanced heart rate monitoring & Integrated GPS
  • Up to 5 days in watch mode, or up to 20 hours of continuous training time
  • Running program & Weekly summary
  • FitSpark daily training guide
  • Recovery & sleep tracking with Nightly Recharge
  • Energy Sources
  • 130+ different sport profiles
  • Music controls, Weather, Phone notifications, Customisable watch face
hrm heart rate monitor gps smart watch


Using real-time heart rate data during your workouts means you have instant insight into how your body is responding. This means you’ll be training smarter, which is always better than simply training harder.

In a nutshell, smart training that leads to results is based on three variables:

  • Frequency: How many times you exercise during a period of time, for example per week.
  • Duration: How long you exercise at a time, usually counted in minutes.
  • Intensity: This one is a bit more complicated – and that’s where your heart rate comes in.

Your heart rate is one of the best indicators of how hard your body is working during training. Instead of trying to ‘guesstimate’ the intensity of your workout, your best bet is to rely on your heart rate which is a trackable number, just like frequency and duration.

Polar Ignite 2. Confidence in action.

gps smart watch for fitness gym running

When the ups and downs of life take us off our stride, the confidence to feel good and live healthy comes from our everyday decisions. The Polar Ignite 2 makes personalized data clear and simple so that healthy habits are easy to develop and fun to stick to.

Get ready made guidance for workouts, recovery and sleep – in a beautifully designed watch that feels good 24/7. Essential smart watch features, such as music controls and weather, keep you in control. For fitness, formal and everything in between.

Personalize your Ignite 2 with stylish bands embellished with real crystals from Swarovski.

Key Features

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hrm heart rate monitor monitoring

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hrm hr monitor running gym smart watch

Running Program

A running coach on your watch – with Polar Running Program, training for a running event is easier than ever. All you need to do is choose your distance and set your date, and Polar Flow creates you a personal and adaptive training plan that is based on your individual metrics. Your plan adapts along the way based on your progress.

Music controls and other smartwatch features

Easily navigate around your playlist and adjust volume straight on your watch. You also get a weather forecast and push notifications to your watch screen.

Nightly Recharge sleep tracking

Nightly Recharge is an overnight recovery measurement that shows you how well you have recovered from the demands of your day. It helps you make optimal choices in your everyday life to maintain overall wellbeing and reach your training goals.

All you need to do is wear your Polar Ignite 2 during the night – the measurement is completely automatic.

Fitspark training guide

Polar Ignite 2 and the FitSpark training guide offer you ready-made daily workouts that match your recovery, fitness level and training history.