Metal Detector, Ginour Lightweight Metal Detectors for Adults, Big Waterproof Coil 25.4cm, 3 Modes, Backlit LCD Display, Height Adjustable 100-130cm, with Headphones, Multipurpose Shovel


About this item

  • 🎁[High-Precision Metal Detector] The metal detector provides 3 modes, including “PinPoint”, “DISC”, “NOTCH”, which can accurately detect metals such as iron, aluminum, tin, copper, silver and gold. If you have a target need to find, use NOTCH mode to find your target. Metal detector with memory function.
  • 🎁[Backlit LCD Display] The metal detector has a 3.4-inch LCD digital display and adjustable backlight attributes from 0-9 levels, allowing you to read clearly in the dark.The battery status and charge are displayed on the screen. (When the battery indicator is on, please replace the battery)
  • 🎁[Large Diameter Waterproof Search Coil] The metal detector has a 10-inch large-diameter waterproof search coil. It can explore underwater and enjoy more outdoor treasure hunting games. The detection depth can reach 18-30cm. (note: LCD control box is not waterproof)
  • 🎁[Metal Detector for Adutls and Childs] This metal detector is adjustable in height (100-130CM), and light in weight, suitable for adults and children. Support headset function, the detector can be used without interference, even in a noisy environment . With multi-function folding shovel to realize the functions of saw, hammer, shovel and so on
  • 🎁[Complete Metal Detector Accessories] You can get 1*metal detector,1*multi-purpose folding shovel (with storage bag, compass), 1* carrying bag and 1*earphones, 1*handbag, Without battery. Ginour provides a 24-month warranty.
Dimensions: 44 x 28 x 15.52 cm; 2.78 Kilograms
Batteries Included: 2 9V batteries required.
Manufacture: ginour

Product Description


Ginour, one of the emerging development tool brands in international market, We are a professional tool team focused on Research and Development, Design, Production and Sales. Our product involves, Home Decoration, DIY Design, Industrialization, Professional Tools etc. With a commitment to provide All-aspect and High-quality service for the general customer. Ginour offers you a DIY experience of safety and freedom, allows you to take pleasure of creation !

metal detector

Adult waterproof metal detectors are ideal for outdoor treasure hunting and increase the relationship between you and your family.

Suitable for the crowd: children, teenagers, adults

Suitable for scenes: Exploring treasures on the beach, streams, and underwater

Display: 3.4-inch LCD adjustable backlight display

Probe: 10 inches

Battery life: 8 hours (the product needs to be equipped with 2*9V dry batteries)

Note: Do not test the detector on the floor of the building. Because most of the building floors contain metal, they can interfere with the test object, or completely confuse the signal, and produce beeping noise.

metal detector

About product use:

If the target cannot be detected, the factors may appear:

  1. The target is too small or too deep. To detect deeply buried targets, the sensitivity of the product needs to be increased.
  2. The target object is too large. Need a certain distance between the coil and the target.
  3. The search coil move so fast. You may miss the goal.
  4. Do not sweep the search coil like a pendulum. During or at the end of detection,raising the search coil will result in erroneous readings.

If the gold detector does not stop beeping:

  1. Interference with micro elements in highly mineralized ground areas. You can reduce the sensitivity.
  2. In areas with more metal debris, you can use the DISC Mode to select the target you want.
  3. Keep electronic products or metal products away from the search coil. It will interfere with the metal detector.

If the metal detector cannot identify the target: Sometimes, oxidized metals can cause the target to shift. Arrows and tones reduce sensitivity to eliminate detection of deep targets.

Note :

  1. If you are not going to use the device for a week or more, remove the battery. Chemicals can escape from the battery and destroy electronic parts.
  2. To use this product, you need to purchase 2 9V dry batteries by yourself.