Rehabilitation Robot Gloves, Stroke Hemiplegia Rehabilitation Training Equipment, Finger Straightening Brace Guard Protector, for Hand Function Recovery


About this item

  • 👍HIGH-TECH Hand ​Rehabilitation Equipment:Stroke Hemiplegia Rehabilitation Robot Glove is used for hand rehabilitation training. Restore the dual functions of fingers and hands; promote blood circulation. Rehabilitation training for stroke, hemiplegia and trauma. Help you or your family recover faster!
  • 👍Hand splint for blows: Rehabilitation training glove used finger separation design that can separate and fix fingers to prevent finger convulsion. Made from a variety of flexible polymeric materials, a comfortable fit and will keep your hand in place, while gently stretching your phalanges and avoiding contractures that can sometimes follow a serious medical incident
  • 👍Bionic hand structure:Intelligently imitating hand movements, imitating hand structure production, independent action grasping, intelligently imitating hand grasping, stretching and flexing and other actions to relieve hand spasm, stiffness and other problems. The combined effect of multiple stimuli improves the recovery speed of hand function.
  • 👍Promoting brain injury recovery:Air pressure is used as the driving force to automatically drive hand activities, effective training for hand recovery. It can also act on cranial nerves and blood vessels to promote conservative treatment and postoperative rehabilitation of brain injury. Suitable for hemiplegic patients with functional disabilities, wrist and finger training.
  • 👍Multiple Modes:Multiple modes required for rehabilitation training, single finger training mode, passive mode and mirror mode, so that well-trained hands can learn the movements of other hands. You can adjust the intensity according to your specific situation, no matter how much intensity you can adjust, within a safe range, don’t worry about the intensity.

Product description

Product description

Product Description


1. The finger splint has a large LCD control screen and clear adjustment buttons. With real-time energy display

2. Patients can take care of themselves at home, save Kangzhi hospital expenses and company fees, can independently complete daily retraining plans.

3. Applicable people: finger spasm, cerebral palsy, finger dysfunction caused by cerebral infarction sequelae, etc. Restore the dual functions of fingers and hands; promote blood circulation.

How long is the appropriate time for each use?

The single use time should not be too long, it is recommended to control it within 20 min.

For specific training duration, intensity, period, etc., please use it under the guidance of a physician according to the specific situation.


Name: Rehabilitation robot glovest

Function: hand function rehabilitation

Material: Gloves: Reinforced and hardened resin fiber, host part: PC / ABS alloy, PVC, stainless steel, gas pipe: rubber

Size: (Left or right hand) S,M, L, XL

Size: host 135 × 115 × 57mm

Weight: 0.4kg host glove / 0.2kg

Packing size: 39*26*8CM

Weight: 1.3KG

Color: Blue

Air pressure range: negative pressure≤-80kpa, overpressure≥120kpa

Packing list:

1* Main unit

1* rehabilitation glove

1* data glove

1* manual

1* adapter

Size: Left Hand-S
Colour: Blue
Manufacture: benyuan
Colour: Blue
Size: Left Hand-S