Expandable Garden Hose, Latex Core Hose With Nozzle Garden Hose For Outdoor Lawn Car Wash Watering Equipment Expandable hose Watering the lawn (Colo

  • Multi-function shower: Equipped with high-quality nozzles with a variety of different settings and plastic connections for optimum corrosion resistance and long-lasting quality.
  • The multi-function shower is ideal for cleaning equipment or car washing, watering lawns, plants or beds.
  • Material: polyester, plastic. Lightweight and durable, this garden hose has a long life, is very portable, has no kinks, and is self-expanding and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Make irrigation simple and efficient – these flexible garden hoses are particularly wear-resistant and flexible. The flexible hose does not twist and does not open/close the high pressure valve at the end.
  • You can use garden hoses to complete your work, car wash, pets or garden irrigation. This hose can be used indoors and outdoors for all seasons.

The flexible garden hose is ideal for:
1. Car Wash
2. Water the plants and water the lawn
3. Clean the porch, sidewalk or driveway
4. Wash windows and wash pets, etc.
Multi-purpose garden hose for your convenience!

Product Name: Retractable watering hose
Hose material: natural latex core
Cutting-edge materials: plastic
Handle material: plastic
Spray distance: about 15 (m)
Scope of application: garden irrigation / home car wash
Water pressure: tap water pressure

Prompt for long time use
1. Note that the garden hose is used at a temperature of 41°F – 113°F.
2. Confirm that the water pressure is in a normal state
3. When not using water pipes, remember to drain water from the garden hose.
3. Do not step on the expandable garden hose when gardening.
4. Store in a cool place or keep it covered.

When using, please control the amount of water to prevent the water pipe from bursting at the beginning due to excessive water pressure.
When the water pipe is filled with water, it can increase the amount of water without bursting.

★ Note:
1. The hose is not suitable for drinking water
2. Do not let hot water pass through this hose
3. When not in use, be sure to drain the water from the hose
4. The external webbing protects the internal expandable hose, so be careful not to cut, tear or puncture the outer webbing to avoid any sharp objects touching the hose.
5. Due to

Manufacture: WYFX
Reference: SHUIQcx210