Household Garden Courtyard Metal Rocking Chair, Vintage Old Hollow Double Rocking Chair, Outdoor Furniture Balcony Swing Seat, Suitable for Backyard, Lawn, Balc

  • Rugged rust-proof metal bench: This double rocking chair uses a steel frame, thick and thick steel pipe material, not easy to deform or bend, retro rust workmanship, wear-resistant and easy to clean. The breathable seats provide good ventilation, an
  • Spacious seats: The seats are spacious enough to accommodate up to 3 people. This bench is 117cm long, 80cm wide, and 95cm high. It has super load-bearing performance, with a maximum of 500kg and is durable.
  • Outdoor lounge chair: This stool has a casual design style and can be matched with any space. Suitable for gardens, parks, terraces, porches, backyards, streets, decks, swimming pools and other places. Two people can swing easily. Glide smoothly and
  • Cast iron bench: The curved back support provides extra comfort and relaxation for your body. Our swing gliding chair is ergonomic and fits your back spine perfectly. It makes you feel relaxed and comfortable when you lean, which can effectively rel
  • Easy to clean and easy to assemble: The hollow of the seat back and the grid between the seat plate are easy to drain in rainy days, and easy to wipe and clean. The product includes all parts and installation instructions, allowing you to complete t

Product name: wrought iron double rocking chair
Product material: iron
Product size: 117*80*95cm
Product color: distressed gray
Product weight: 15kg
Scope of application: parks, gardens, urban streets, scenic spots, squares and other public places
Features: waterproof, moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, strong bearing capacity.


After many anti-corrosion treatments to prevent corrosion and not easy to break;
The surface is finely polished, safe and durable;
The seat is thickened to improve stability, increase weight and extend service life;
Ergonomic design, not tired after sitting for a long time, beautiful and comfortable;

Purchase Notes:
The product size is manually measured, there will be an error of 1-3cm, please refer to the actual product.
Due to the difference in resolution and light, the color may be different, please understand.