HSHDG Water Sprinkler, Stainless Steel Tripod Sprinkler Adjustable Lawn Garden Sprinkler Water Irrigation System 360 Degree Coverage Watering Equipment (Color : B)

  • ☑【Sprinkler Material】The garden sprinkler is made of high quality stainless steel and ABS material, insulating, rustproof and durable for long lasting.
  • ☑【Large Areas Water Sprinklers】Spraying range can be from semicircle to circle, the rotating angle can be from 30 degrees to 360 degrees.
  • ☑【Adjustable Tripod Design】Watering Tripod is connected by 1/2″ inside thread, solid and uneasy to be broke. Adjustable tripod height, easy to adjust the spraying distance and its span, ideal for big lawns or gardens.
  • ☑【Effective Irrigation】The nozzle can atomize water into particles and spray uniformly and accurately on plants, increasing soil moisture, which is beneficial to plant absorption, without destroying soil structure, and protects soil nutrients, an effective way to save water.
  • ☑【Scope of Application】It is mainly suitable for agricultural sprinkler irrigation of field vegetable seedlings, horticultural sprinkler irrigation such as lawn greening etc. It has convenient installation, good water-saving performance, uniform spraying, saving time and effort.

360 Degree Rotating Automatic Garden Water Sprinkler Tripod Lawn Garden Nozzle Watering Irrigation Sprayer System Garden Shower


– Spray distance can be adjusted, you can adjust the height of the bracket, spray range up to 24 m diameter range.

– Spray can be achieved from a semicircle to round, angle range from 30 degrees to 360 degrees.

– The water of nozzle mist are fine particle, can evenly and accurately sprayed on plants.

– Increase soil moisture conducive to plant uptake, without destroying the soil structure, soil nutrient are not easy to lost. It is an efficient way to save water.

– Sprinklers easy to use, can randomly move.


Material:Stainless Steel + PP


Connector: Universal 1/2 inch

Package Includes:

1x Tripod

1x Sprinkler

Weight: 1 kg
Brand: HSHDG
Model: 79797
Colour: B
Colour: B