Succulent Tools,19 Pcs Mini Garden Tools Set,Transplanting Tools Miniature Succulent Hand Tools Set with Plant Potting Tarp Mat, Succulent Kit for Indoor Outdoor Miniature Fairy Garden Plant Care

  • 【Exqusite 20″×20″ Oxford Cloth Tarp】Our plant potting mat is premium in material and delicate in details. Made of high quality 600D oxford cloth tarp, which is water-proof, dust-proof and can be washed and fold easily. The sealing edge is well sew and there are brass buckles on each corner of the mat, which can make the mat more stable and prevent soil from spilling during using, providing you a better using experience.
  • 【Durable Shovel Rake Spade Set】Made of stainless steel, the heads provide the shovel rake spade good using sense, and no rust, no scratch like other iron one after repeated use. Handles of the set made of premium ABS material which is easy to clean after use is convenient, enjoyable and cozy for gardening, and no crack and dent like some other wooden one.
  • 【Latest Transplanting Tools Set】Succulent Plants Tools are combined with a seedling tool and a dual-use transplanting tool, which can help loosen soil, seeding, paving and transplant safely. With this tool set,you can easily properly plant your succulents without hurting the plants. The lightweight handles reduces wrist pain and fatigue, which makes planting easier and quicker.
  • 【Comprehensive Product Mix】19 different succulent tools kit can be used in different plants and various occasions, so as to meet most of your needs in mini gardening. You hardly need to buy other accessories. This suit has made the best match for you, and you will no longer have to worry about choosing a match by yourself. These tools are small and delicate, so they won’t cause harm to your beloved plants.
  • 【Meet Various Gardening Needs】You can use the plant potting tarp mat for plant transplanting and mix different kind of soil inside of the mat to meet the nutrition needs of your plant.The succulent tools with mat can help you digging, watering, loosening soil, transplanting, cleaning, pruning, weeding and so on, suitable for succulent plants, bonsai plants and indoors for small plants, etc.

REPICLIFE as a professional gardening supplier, we provide convenience for you when managing gardens and plants. We hope all customers can have a perfect gardening life.

If you are a fan of succulents and miniature plants, you can try our succulent plants tools. Eliminate the difficulty of matching and meet all the needs of your gardening work. Our mini garden tools for house plants is also a good choice for your friend who like gardening.


1 * Watering Bottle(250ml)

1 * Cleaning Brush

1 * Curved Tip Tweezers

1 * Straight Tip Tweezers

1 * Leaf Trimmer

1 * Air Dust Blower

2 * Transplanting Tools

2 * Bucket Shovel Set

3 * Rake Spade Shovel Set

1 * Plant Potting Tarp Mat

5 * Plant Labels


Comprehensive Product Mix

Durable Shovel Rake Spade Set

Meet Various Gardening Needs

Exqusite 20″×20″ Oxford Cloth Tarp

Thoughtful Gift for Gardening Lover

Latest Mini Garden Tools for Succulents


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Dimensions: 20.29 x 16.89 x 7.19 cm; 340 Grams
Manufacture: REPICLIFE