XDABCGMMPT Garden Equipment, Garden Sprinkler Adjustable Plant Watering Telescopic Tripod Sprinkler Irrigation Kit Lawn Rotating Lifting Watering Device (Color : Watering Device)

  • 【FEATURES】Ideal fit for irrigation.High efficiency and long range.
  • 【EASY TO USE】Easy to use, strong and durable high pressure.The fine structure can control the distance and water ingress.
  • 【APPLICATION】fit for watering and irrigating in ,farmland irrigation, urban green spaces, lawn streets, garden plants and automatic sprinklers.
  • 【INSTALLATION】easy install , good water saving features .
  • 【FEATURES】moisture is conducive to plant absorption, and soil nutrients are not easy to lose.

It is your close companion in the care of your garden lawn, filling your home with green natural landscapes
Yangguan grassland, fresh air, make life better
Bullet Points:
1,Lifting Type: The sprinkler can be adjusted arbitrarily for wider coverage. Compared with the traditional floor sprinkler, this type can water high plant crops and vegetables.
2,Long Ser-vice Life: Made of zinc alloy material, the sprinkler is strong and durable, no rust.
3,Stable Structure: The triangular bracket has a stable structure, and the bottom can be inserted into the ground and can be well fixed; suitable for all kinds of ground.
4,Simple Installation: Convenient storage. With folding design, the sprinkler takes up little space.
5,Wider Coverage: You can plant your legs in the ground and adjust the tripod to get the desired coverage, screw the garden hose into the nozzle, and then open the hose. Once your greens get the ideal hydration.
Name: Tripod Sprinkler
Material: stainless steel + zinc alloy + pp
Size: about 45-90cm/17.72-35.43inch (adjustable height)
Packing List:

Weight: 1 g
Model: X1999122711291441
Colour: Watering Device
Colour: Watering Device