YZH Hoe Garden Tool, Stirrup Hoe Garden Tool, Scuffle Loop Hoe for Effective Preventing Weeds, Adjustable Weeding Loop Stirrup Hoe for Average & Tall Gardeners

  • 🔨【High Quality Material】It is made of carefully selected high-quality steel, hand-forged and welded, and is very durable.Thickened steel bar More durable.
  • 🔨【A Must-Buy for Home Gardener】No more pull weeds with your hand! This is a perfect scuffle hoe to remove and prevent weeds of your garden. This oscillating hoe has two edge design for push and pull motions, each motion will high-effectively cuts the shallow, rips the roots and stamps the weeds that growing.
  • 🔨【No need to Bend over to Weed】We provide four sizes of 47inch, 63inch, 78inch, and 94inch to suit different types of gardeners. The length of each extension rod is 1.3ft, you can increase or decrease the extension rod at will to adjust the length to reach your ideal use height. The perfect length tool to save you from bending over to remove weeds.
  • 🔨【Easy to Use】The flexible triangular metal head can easily slide under the weeds to cut the roots of the weeds below the surface. It turns the soil as you disturb the roots leaving a nice clean weedless area. Destroys roots to simply pick up and you can easily move mulch back in place. Cuts down the weeding time by a lot.
  • 🔨【Wide Use】Household weeding/ ditching/ scarification/ seeding/ planing, etc.

[new design] the product adopts a special hollow design, which is a very practical manual tool for gardeners. It can be used for weeding, scarifying, planting vegetables and other daily gardening work. After the hoe is stretched out, just pull it back to quickly weed, avoiding you from bending over.
[easy to use] – the flexible triangular metal head can easily slide under the weeds, cut off the miscellaneous grass roots under the surface, leaving a beautiful clean and weed free area, greatly reducing the weeding time.
[durable] – the wide and sharp metal blade can quickly and flexibly remove thick weeds on hard soil and landscape rocks, and the solid metal end will not bend and shake.
[high quality stainless steel] – the long handle of our garden hoe tool is made of stainless steel, which is more durable than many wooden handles on the market. Rust proof, corrosion-resistant, can be used for many years.
[widely used] – Household weeding / ditching / scarifying / sowing, etc.

Product specification:
3-section 1.2m-weeding ring
4-section 1.6m-weeding ring
5 sections 2m weeding ring
6-SECTION 2.4m-weeding ring

Package contents:
1* weeding tools

Brand: YZH
Model: YZH
Colour: Multi-color
Colour: Multi-color