HSNAXingLife Plastic Garden Sieve, Garden Tools 6-Piece Set,3mm Soil Sieve,Gardening Mat, 2 In 1 Tool Planter, Watering Can (blue)

  • High-quality material:garden tool set, made of high-quality plastic, durable, not easy to deform, corrosion-resistant, long service life.
  • Product introduction: garden work set, 2 colors (pink, blue), set includes: 3mm soil sieve, soil shovel, 2-in-1 planting tool, gardening watering can, gardening mat.
  • Features: Garden screen, evenly distributed, with 3mm openings, used with a shovel, which can efficiently screen soil, stones and sand particles above 3mm. The 2-in-1 planting tool is light and small. It can be used with gardening pads and watering cans. It is more clean and hygienic, and can help you complete various planting tasks.
  • Easy to use: Soil sieve, garden soil shovel, 2-in-1 planting tool, watering can, gardening work mat, light weight, small size, practical function, easy to carry, does not take up space, easy to store, easy to clean.
  • Wide range of uses: Garden Hand Tool Set,suitable for balconies, gardens and other places, used in combination with each other to improve planting experience and work efficiency.

Product name: garden tools 6-piece set.

Material: Made of high quality plastic.

Color: Pink/Blue.

Size: As shown.

The package includes:Garden sieve*1, 2-in-1 planting tool*2, watering can*1, gardening work mat*1, garden soil shovel*1.

Gardening tool set, beautiful in appearance, bright in color, strong in practicability, can be used in combination with each other, can efficiently complete gardening tasks, and is a good helper for your gardening work.


1. Due to different monitors, please allow a certain color difference.

2. Due to manual measurement, please allow 0~3cm error.

Manufacture: HSNAXingLife