Outdoor Bench Patio Bench, Front Porch Furniture, 49in Park Garden Bench Terrace

Outdoor Bench Patio Bench, Front Porch Furniture, 49in Park Garden Bench Terrace Bench, Outdoor Double Seat Courtyard Cast Iron Metal Sea

  • Decorationpracticality: unique classic metal seat, beautifulgenerous, can be used indoorsoutdoors, slatted design seat board, can easily drain when used outdoors in rain, very suitable for park/garden/terrace/deck/ The entrance/backyardfront porch are used not only for decoration.
  • Safety bench: The edge of this outdoor metal chair is finely polishedpolished, smoothwithout burrs,non-slip nuts provide you with a firm connection. After tightening, it can be used for many years without scratching the skin.
  • Weather-resistant solid wood bench: The park chair is made of solid wood + cast iron. The surface is coatedtreated with anti-corrosionanti-rust. It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, wear-resistantscratch-resistant,can withstand harsh outdoor weather. The frame + anti-loosening screw + load-bearing rod design can evenly share the weightprovide a load-bearing capacity of 1000lbs.
  • Exquisite CraftsmanshipBeautiful Design: Our park bench use ergonomically designed backrestsarmrests, allowing you to relax in a comfortable posture. matches any style of your garden or patio.
  • Comfortable Garden Bench: All the edges of the park bench are finely polished, making every part of the outdoor bench very roundsmooth. So you can relax safely on our park bench.

Our outdoor bench applying to lots of areas, such as garden, park, patio, deck, entryway, backyard,front porch, etc. Park benches can not only provide a comfortable seating experience, but also serve as a good decorative ornament. For example, you can place it near the driveway entrance, or on the backyard, porch or path, which can create an attractivefree space for you to enjoy leisure time.
Name: Solid wood park chair with backrestarmrest
Material: solid wood + cast iron
Frame: cast iron frame
Size: 125*58*76CM
Applicable scenarios: balcony, courtyard, terrace, sun room, garden, shop entrance, stand, restaurant, school, etc.
Features: strong load-bearing, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, sun protection without cracking, easy to clean
Ergonomic design: The curved design of the seat backarmrest fully conforms to the body shape, making it comfortablebeautiful.
Solid wood panels: The seat strips are water-repellentcan fit in your garden, park or terrace,can be displayed around the clock throughout the year.

Model: PSDBU