Outdoor Bench Patio Bench, Front Porch Furniture, Park Terrace Bench Outdoor

Outdoor Bench Patio Bench, Front Porch Furniture, Park Terrace Bench Outdoor Bench, 2-Seater Bench Cushion, Weatherproof Cast Iron Garden (White)

  • 1. Courtyard decorative bench: This beautiful all-weather memorial bench for garden is elegantfashionable,can add luster to any outdoor benches in many areas such as gardens, parks, terraces, decks, entrances, backyardsfront porches.
  • 2. park benches for outside: This cast iron garden bench is made of strong enough high-quality cast iron, which is not only beautiful, but also stable, strongdurable; The load-bearing performance of this garden seat far exceeds 200KG;
  • 3. Spaciouscomfortable seat for 2 people: The spaciouscomfortable Patio love seat can easily accommodate 2 adults to rest; It will provide you with sufficient safetystability;
  • Exquisite CraftsmanshipBeautiful Design: Our park bench use ergonomically designed backrestsarmrests, allowing you to relax in a comfortable posture. matches any style of your garden or patio.
  • Comfortable Garden Bench: All the edges of the park bench are finely polished, making every part of the outdoor bench very roundsmooth. So you can relax safely on our park bench.

Our outdoor bench applying to lots of areas, such as garden, park, patio, deck, entryway, backyard,front porch, etc. Park benches can not only provide a comfortable seating experience, but also serve as a good decorative ornament. For example, you can place it near the driveway entrance, or on the backyard, porch or path, which can create an attractivefree space for you to enjoy leisure time.
○ Product name: 2-person park bench
○ Product size: 104X55X102CM
○ Product weight: 12KG
○ Product material: cast iron material
○ Product process: electrostatic spray + protective paint
○ Cleaning method: easy to clean the chair with damp cloth
○ Additional functions: detachable, easy to install, rainsun protection
○ style: simplemodern
○ Applicable occasions: courtyards, parks, gardens, streets, schools/communities, squaresother places

Model: PSDBU
Colour: White