Patio Park Garden Bench Outdoor Benches Outdoor Patio Rocking Chair, Metal Frame Garden Furniture, Iron Swing Chair with armrests and backrest, Load Capacity 660 pounds (Rocking Chair+cushion)

  • Elegant terrace furniture: The traditional iris style creates classic and modern furniture, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as terraces, terraces, poolsides, porches, backyards, balconies, gardens, and adds uniqueness to your decoration Exterior. Ideal place for reading or taking a nap
  • Enjoy the dreamlike gentle swing: Sit down comfortably and feel the smoothness of this exquisite chair sliding, and the ergonomic forward and backward movement. There is no rough back and forth swing; it can easily carry 660 pounds, a perfect gift for your important others or relatives
  • Comfortable single rocking chair: The rocking chair has a tilted seat and curved armrests to completely relax your back and arms. The rocking chair is ergonomic and can be rocked by 30° to ensure comfort and safety. You can sit on it and enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh outdoor air
  • The bench can also work as a modern ornament in your backyard. Featuring ergonomic design, this bench backrest makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while leaning on it.
  • The outdoor bench applying to lots of areas, such as garden, park, patio, deck, entryway, backyard, and front porch, etc.

▲The durable frame can be used easily for many years.
▲Anti-rust coating on the surface all-weather
▲ Hollow design to avoid heat or sweating in summer
▲30° shaking, comfortable and safe shaking function.
▲Using the traditional iris design, it can add a unique appearance to your decoration
▲ Ideal for gardens, backyards, decks, terraces and other living spaces
▲Easy to assemble and clean by yourself

Product name: single rocking chair
Product material: high density steel
Load capacity: 660 pounds
Product size: 24 inches long, 35 inches high, 28 inches wide, 18 inches high from seat to floor
Product color: black
Surface technology: scratch-resistant and wear-resistant professional baking paint, 0 formaldehyde, no peculiar smell
Product specifications: rocking chair, rocking chair + cushion
Material characteristics: strong load-bearing capacity, waterproof, sun-proof, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, easy to clean

Model: ADSE-ER
Colour: Rocking Chair+cushion
Colour: Rocking Chair+cushion