DEWINNER Garden Hose Reel, Wall Mount Auto Reel with Spray Nozzle, Auto Rewind

DEWINNER Garden Hose Reel, Wall Mount Auto Reel with Spray Nozzle, Auto Rewind Holder Storage, Wall Mounted Hanger, 25M Hose Pipe+2M Tap Connect Hose for Outdoor Watering

  • 【A wide range of applications】:It is suitable for garden watering, car washing, pet shower and floor cleaning. Equipped with 7 types of multi-function spray guns: shower, flat, central, conical, full, spray and jet are the best choice to solve irrigation and irrigation problems.
  • 【Complete hose reel accessories】:1*25m automatic hose reel and 1*2m connecting pipe, 1*spray gun, 1*7-function water gun, 2*faucet connectors, 4*wall mounted screws, 4*expansion pipes, 1*fixing pin and 1*instruction manual.
  • 【Automatic safety belt rewind system with lock】:The hose can be locked in any length and pulled back gently again. The hose can be recovered orderly in the hose box at a safe speed. There is no accumulation and no kink in rewinding. However, in order to ensure safety, children and the elderly should also pay attention to the use.
  • 【Design of high efficiency hose reel】:Wall mounted, 180 ° pivot wall mounted hose reel can rotate freely in the plane, fully improving the practicability of wall mounting. The pin can be easily removed from the bracket on the wall so that the reel can be stored in winter. A unique cover is added to the reel to allow inspection of the hose inside.
  • 【Environmental friendly material reel hose】:The three-layer PVC hose is durable, algae resistant and weather resistant and can operate at a minimum temperature of 0 ° C / 32 ° F. The shell is made of high-quality commercial mixed flexible polymer hose, which is a mixture of rubber and PVC. It is laid flat and resistant to water / oil, high temperature, ozone, weather and abrasion. Provide screws and wall plugs for brick, concrete and stone.

Automatic hose reel, 180 ° wall hanging type, detachable, equipped with connector and 7 nozzle modes, can be used in garden watering, car washing, pet shower, floor cleaning and other places. The hose is made of high-quality PVC and is very durable, while the shell helps to keep the internal hose reel in order when not in use. Automatic winding mechanism with locking function allows you to stop the hose in any length. Just rotate the attached nozzle to adjust the water flow.
Color: green and gray
Hose material: PVC
Shell material: PP (polypropylene)
Size (W x H x D): about 45 × 23.5 × 43.5cm
Weight (excluding heavy anchors)
No load: about 8.3 kg
Structure: can be removed without tools
Automatic rewind speed: the special and safer rewind speed is designed for 8-12 seconds to make the 25 meter hose rewind
Hose length
Garden hose: 25 ± 0.5m
Connecting hose: 2m
External: 15 mm
11 mm: inside
Working pressure: maximum 360psi

Dimensions: 45 x 23.5 x 43.5 cm; 10.58 Kilograms
Manufacture: DEWINNER