Garden Bench Outdoor Porch Bench Outdoor Loveseat Outdoor Double Chair, Iron

Garden Bench Outdoor Porch Bench Outdoor Loveseat Outdoor Double Chair

Garden Bench Outdoor Porch Bench Outdoor Loveseat Outdoor Double Chair, Iron Carved Hollow Courtyard Bench (White)

  • Spacious seats: The seats are spacious enough to accommodate 2 people. This bench is 84cm long, 58cm wide, and 89cm high. It has super load-bearing performance, up to 500kg. It has a stable mechanical chassis design, stable and comfortable, and durable.
  • Outdoor lounge chair: This stool has a casual retro design style and can be matched with any space. Can be used as a good decoration, but also can provide you with a perfect resting place. Suitable for gardens, parks, terraces, porches, backyards, streets, decks, swimming pools and other places.
  • Rugged and rust-proof metal bench: The overall frame of the park bench is made of high-standard aerospace steel, which is high-density anti-oxidation, tough and unbreakable. It has passed salt spray test and has excellent anti-corrosion performance. The legs of the chair are equipped with plastic cushions to prevent scratching the floor.
  • Lightweight and durable construction makes this bench an easy addition to your porch, patio, deck, or garden nook
  • Beautifully detailed accents across the back, seat, finish to accent your porch or patio for years to come

Product name: metal bench
Product material: steel plate + steel pipe
Product size: 84*58*89cm
Product color: white, bronze
Product weight: 17kg
Scope of application: parks, gardens, urban streets, scenic spots, squares and other public places
Features: waterproof, moisture-proof, rust-proof, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, strong bearing capacity.

After many anti-corrosion treatments to prevent corrosion and not easy to break;
The surface is finely polished, safe and durable;
The seat is thickened to improve stability, increase weight and extend service life;
Ergonomic design, not tired after sitting for a long time, beautiful and comfortable;

Model: ADSE-ER
Colour: White