LUYIYI Outdoor Furniture Rocking Chair Wooden Antique American Country Style

LUYIYI Outdoor Furniture Rocking Chair Wooden Antique American Country Style Adult Garden Rocking Chair Armchair (Color : C)

  • The overall material of the rocking chair is derived from natural fir, with fine texture and strong corrosion resistance, and the texture is clear and beautiful.
  • The rocking chair is designed with an arc-shaped seating surface according to the normal sitting posture, allowing the sitting posture to be natural, relaxing the hips and feet, and making sitting feel comfortable and comfortable.
  • Carbonization process: Use an oxygen torch to grill the surface of the wood to form a carbonized layer, highlight the surface texture, and have a three-dimensional texture; the process is environmentally friendly, healthy, has many characteristics such as corrosion resistance, resistance to deformation, and is safe and durable.
  • Our weightless chair does not need to put pressure on the spine, it can help you reduce stress and relax your body completely.
  • It is perfect for relaxing in the garden, taking a lunch break in the office and sunbathing on the balcony.

Product information:
Name: Rocking Chair
Overall size: 96x67x100cm/95x69x110cm


1- Constructed with natural fir, healthy, environmentally friendly and safe.
2-Scalloped backrest design, slat-shaped backrest and reclining seat, can provide maximum comfort and fashion sense
3- The ergonomic lightweight structure can be easily and easily relocated
4- Carbonized color adds an ancient style to your backyard or garden
5- Ideal for outdoor or indoor use

This high-quality chair will be durable due to the durable wooden frame. Place it on your backyard or balcony as a beautiful decoration. Perfect for your family

Packing includes: rocking chair*1

SKU: B0978Y571F
Weight: 13000 Grams
Model: 19995