Outdoor Benches Terrace Garden Benches, Heavy Park Bench With Backrest, Wrought

Outdoor Benches Terrace Garden Benches

Outdoor Benches Terrace Garden Benches, Heavy Park Bench With Backrest, Wrought Iron Metal Frame And Anticorrosive Solid Wood Slats Patio Double Seat, Withstand Up To 1110Lbs (White With Bac

  • Practical decorative outdoor bench: This garden bench is a perfect furniture for outdoor living. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean the garden bench. The slats of the seat are designed for easy drainage in rainy weather. You can place it on the backyard, porch, path
  • Comfortable seat for 3 people: The size of this outdoor bench is 100cm/120cm/150cm long, with a bearing capacity of 1110lbs. It can easily accommodate 2-3 people. The inclined backrest can provide comfortable support for your back. Armrests The arc design and height are completely suitable for the placement of arms, so you can enjoy a comfortable riding experience.
  • Sturdy and durable weather-resistant bench: The frame of the park bench is made of wrought-iron metal frame, and the surface is coated with powder coating to withstand the harsh outdoor weather. The seat and backrest are made of anticorrosive solid wood slats. This garden bench is not easy to rust and is easy to clean, and will provide you with long-term protection and long-term service.
  • Safe and durable garden bench: The edge of the bench is exquisitely processed without seams or stains, which can protect your clothes from being hooked by screws. This bench allows you to relax and use safely. Once assembled, it can be used for many years
  • Easy to assemble: One person can easily complete the setup within 10 minutes. If you have any questions during the assembly process, you can contact us at any time. We are confident to support our products and hope to provide you with the best shopping experience.

Product name: park bench
Frame material: wrought iron metal frame
Seat material: solid wood slatted seat
Surface technology: powder coating, anti-rust, good color characteristics
Features of anti-corrosion board: hard wood, waterproof and light fast, easy to maintain
Product color: pink
Product style: without backrest, with backrest
Dimensions without backrest: length 100cm/120m/150cm, width 40cm, height 45cm
Size with backrest: length 100cm/120m/150cm, width 40cm, height 85cm
Use site: balcony, courtyard, terrace, garden, sun room, business shop

?Garden bench is a great value product for outdoor furniture. It is an ideal bench for lawns, under trees or among flowers to enjoy your favorite garden location
?Spacious seating space: 100cm/120m/150cm long, can bear 1110 pounds, can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people, and can play a functional role in your backyard or terrace area
?It has a classic anti-rust surface, which can bring a timeless appearance in any outdoor place.
?Easy to assemble, classic appearance and affordable price make this bench an ideal choice.
?Outdoor furniture: Suitable for outdoor benches in many areas such as gardens, parks, terraces, decks, entrances, backyards and front porches.

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Brand: WZXCV
Model: GCyz3191
Colour: White With Back