ZFFLYH Gardening Saw, Woodworking One Hand Chainsaw, Rechargeable Hand-Held

ZFFLYH Gardening Saw

ZFFLYH Gardening Saw, Woodworking One Hand Chainsaw, Rechargeable Hand-Held Chain Saw, Used for Garden Pruning And Wood Cutting, 6 Inches,2 battery

  • The electric chain saw features a deep hardened, ultra-hard guide chain for durability and time and effort saving. The powerful pure copper motor and unique chain tooth design make the chain saw cut faster and more efficiently
  • Mini chainsaw light weight, easy to carry and well balanced, the battery chainsaw can be operated with one hand, saving time and effort. In order to avoid misoperation and potential risks, this small chainsaw adds a safety lock, The safety lock and switch must be pressed at the same time to start the chainsaw
  • The garden saw uses a pure copper motor to provide faster speed and greater power. The built-in control circuit board has overload protection, and the motor will automatically stop working when it is overheated, allowing you to use it more assured and safer.
  • The powerful chain saw can easily cut through trees thicker than 4 inches, with a non-slip handle, arm guard and ergonomic design that fits in the palm of your hand for easy handling.
  • This electric mini chainsaw is ideal for wood cutting, potted plant construction, tree pruning in patio gardens and gardening.

6 inch handheld chain saw, mini chainsaw, convenient electric pruning tool, garden logging small lithium chainsaw

1. Mini chainsaw adopts brushless motor design, more powerful, longer life, faster cooling, and higher efficiency. The powerful motor speed is up to 17 ft/s, and the output power of 600w can cut logs with a diameter of 4-inch in 5s.

2. The non-slip handle and ergonomic design are more suitable for the palm of the hand and easy to operate. Safety flaps prevent wood and sawdust from splashing during the cutting process

3. This rechargeable 6-inch woodworking mini chainsaw is small in size, comfortable to hold, can be used with one hand, and is not easy to fatigue after long-term use. Even young women can easily control it.

4. Woodworking tree saws, ideal for outdoor, garden, everyday use, branching, timber cutting, fruit trees, branch pruning and felling. electric saws for trees prune finer and protect trees better. Preferred outdoor power tools.

Package List
1 * Mini Chainsaw
2 * Rechargeable Batteries
1 * Charger
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Storage Box
1 * Manual
1 * Guide Plates

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Model: 9141278-053-527