Geogrid Ground Stabilizer, Pea Gravel Driveway Grid Stabilizer Tall 2 Inch Easy

Geogrid Ground Stabilizer

Geogrid Ground Stabilizer, Pea Gravel Driveway Grid Stabilizer Tall 2 Inch Easy to Install, Outside Parking Lots Steep Slope Support Mesh Load (6x10m)

  • Solid Durble Ground Grid : The ground grid paver is made of HDPE material, tensile, which is supersonically welded for durability. Perfect for driveway installations on slopes and/or flat areas.
  • Easy to Install : This gravel grid system can be cut and attached to each other with ease. Simply spread out the material, anchor to the ground, and fill the cells with either soil/ grass/ sand or gravel.
  • Specifications : The grid is of 40×40 cm (15.7×15.7 inch) each unit, 5 cm (2 inches) high. that holds up to (3600kg) 8000 lbs per square inch when units are filled.
  • Multifunctional: Gruytoie ground grid is ideal for protecting sloped structures or maintaining building structures without disturbing your foundation. Perfect for all sorts of projects to create a solid and stable surface when filled with gravel, soil, sand, grass, or other mineral infills.
  • Application: Labor-saving and time-saving to install the geo ground grid system at patios, parking lots, landscaping, driveways, pavers, shed systems, and more. Simply spread out the material, anchor it to the ground, connect each piece, and fill the cells with any filling you desire to fill it.

2″ Heavy duty gravel stabilizer grid, permeable honeycomb geo grid ground grid system great for erosion control on driveway extension, slope, parking space, walkways, garden paths, tool shed support, roadbed, front Yard, patios, hillside, landscaping, horse paddock, playgrounds, trails, and works for slopes or flat areas.

Material: Polyethylene
Height: 5cm(2 inch)
Load-bearing: 1800 lbs per square inch
Fully expanded single grid area: 40cm×40cm(15.7″ x 15.7″)
Scenes: retaining walls, slope driveways, garden, landscaping, parking lots, patios, sheds, walkways, sidewalk, outdoor, steep hills, earthwork , highway, subgrade work

The landscape geo grid is 1885 LBS per square inch of coverage each unit when cells are filled.
Widely used for many subgrade work, like Sandy Area / Permafrost Region / Loess collapsible.
The gravel grid is composed of HDPE material for a long time and continued use.
The geo grid path can be expanded and folded for easy use and storage.
Allow automobiles and light trucks to drive and be parked.

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Brand: Gruytoie
Model: fe6sd73339