MEFBANT Solar Panel Bird Guard Mesh Solar Critter Guard Solar Panel Pigeon Guard

MEFBANT Solar Panel Bird Guard Mesh Solar Critter Guard Solar Panel Pigeon Guard Bird proofing Solar Panel Bird mesh 6In x 100Ft 70 Aluminum Fasteners PVC Coated Galvanized net Pigeon Deterre

  • 6 inch x 100 feet roll roll solar panel bird guard mesh with finer mesh (½ x ½ inch), The length size of one hundred feet is standard size since most solar systems require a minimum of one hundred feet of coverage.
  • The bird proofing solar panel critter guard scan effectively protect the solar panel from the wire shielding of rodents and nesting birds, The integrity of the panel will not be damaged. Our bird solar screen kit has finer mesh (½ x ½ Inches) and different (¾ x ¾ Inches). Prevent any birds, pigeons, animals and rodents from damaging the roof solar panels. But still allow wind and water to flow from your roof.
  • The solar panel mesh comes with 70 thickened aluminum fasteners. Our solar panel bird guard mesh has more fasteners than other kits, so you can ensure that fasteners are not missing during installation.
  • Our solar panel bird guard mesh is made of galvanized steel and black PVC coating to ensure the final weather resistance. Galvanized steel ensures that the cutting points do not rust and cause discoloration of the roof and surrounding solar system components. The black PVC coating is integrated with the solar system, adding a beautiful and modern appearance by creating a discrete appearance.
  • Our solar panel protective cover (welded before Galvanized) has higher strength. Unlike other protective nets on the market (Galvanized before welded), it is easy to deteriorate and break in the sun! The metal wire on the metal mesh has appropriate thickness to make the metal mesh rigid, but ductile and easy to cut. It is the ideal choice for you to protect the solar roof.

Size: 8 “X100” with 70 thickened aluminum fastener clips
These PVC coated wire mesh and matching aluminum fastener kits can be installed on almost all solar panel systems to prevent the invasion of birds, pigeons and hairy creatures. The solar panel bird guard includes an 6-inch x 100 foot coated galvanized mesh and 70 matching fasteners
Bird droppings are acidic, which puts pressure on building materials, attracts other pests and may cause allergens. Rotten dead birds will also attract other pests. The accumulation of excreta may cost a lot of cleaning and hygiene costs for the family and the owner. Rodents can use the solar system as their home, thereby damaging the components of the solar system. The maintenance time of the solar system depends on the schedule of the solar installation company. During the time when the solar system is not produced, households and property owners pay for power from the grid rather than from the sun. Prevention is the cheapest and most effective way to deal with the problem of birds.
Includes 70 thickened aluminum fasteners for easy installation! Equipped with 70 fasteners to help you install your own solar panel bird guard mesh in a few minutes. Just cut the wire mesh into the size of your panel, and then fix it with the panel with a fastener clip!

Dimensions: 32.2 x 31.8 x 17.1 cm; 5.61 Kilograms
Part: jsw007
Manufacture: MEFBANT
Reference: jsw007