Rain Water Collection Barrel | Durable Folding Water Storage Tank,Garden

Rain Water Collection Barrel | Durable Folding Water Storage Tank

Rain Water Collection Barrel | Durable Folding Water Storage Tank,Garden Container for Collecting Storing Reusing Rainwater Saving Water Large Capacity

  • ت【Reduce Water Consumption】Using the Rain Barrel Water Collector can reduce your water consumption, for it can collect and store water for your lawn and garden.
  • ت【Considerate Mesh Design】Rain Water Collection Barrel is equipped with a mesh cover to prevent animals, debris, and little trash to enter the bucket, which is convenient for you cleaning it.
  • ت【Durable and Sturdy】The Folding Rain Barrel is durable and sturdy, even in winter it will not become brittle and cracked for it use a PVC frame and PVC mesh.
  • ت【Easy to Use】The Rain Water Catcher is easy to use, you just need to place it under the downspout, and let the water flow into the storage area through the mesh top.
  • ت【Simple to Assemble】The Rain Collection Barrel is flexible to use. When you need it, just unfold it and assemble it, while you can fold it up when finish using the bucket.

1. The Rain Barrel Water Collector can collect rainwater on rainy days and store it. When drought strikes and the rainfall is insufficient, it can provide your lawn and garden with water.

2. The mesh cover at the top of the Rain Water Collection Barrel can prevent little animals and debris enter the bucket, which can save your energy to clean the container.

Material: PVC mesh
Color: dark green
Capacity and Size: 
Type A: 100L 40*78cm/15.74*30.70in
Type B: 200L 60*70cm/23.62*27.55in
Type C: 225L 60*80cm/23.62*31.49in
Weight: about 2200g/2300g/2500g

Packing List:
Folding Rain Barrel *1
Drain valve*1
Overflow valve*1
Support rod*6 (Type A 100L-5 support rods)

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Weight: 2.04 kg
Brand: Generic
Model: PON456J8A0FFGSD2
Colour: A