GFFTYX Kids Swivel Chair,Autism Sensory Toy Chair for Kids, Sit and Spin

GFFTYX Kids Swivel Chair,Autism Sensory Toy Chair for Kids

GFFTYX Kids Swivel Chair,Autism Sensory Toy Chair for Kids, Sit and Spin Chair Training Body Coordination Sensory Balance Training Seat, Kid Spinning Carousel, Ages 3-12 (Color : Blue)

  • 【Kids Swivel Chair】:The therapeutic sensory relief When your child sits in the Balanced Round Swivel Chair is beneficial for all kids, including those with ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorder.
  • 【Body Coordination Training】sensory integration revolving chair, focus sensory integration, targeted balance adjustment, coordinate the development of left and right brain balance
  • 【360° all-round smooth polishing】: lamination molding, thick disc, scientific design, convex on both sides, concave design in the middle, easy to seat
  • 【High-quality Materials】: control quality from the source, use PP environmentally friendly materials, green and healthy, high temperature resistant, and safe to ensure the safety of the seat when rotating, metal welding, load-bearing enhancement, after actual measurement, it can bear 220 ib.
  • 【Perfect Gift for 3-12 Years 】: Find a sense of balance in play, play on your stomach, sit down, release the children’s game nature, and enjoy a healthy and happy childhood

Product Name: Sensory Chairs For Kids With Autism
Ages and Stages: 3-12 years old
Features: Sensory, Hand-Eye Coordination, Durable, Attractive, Hours of fun, Easy assembly, Weather proof,
Colours: Orange, Green, Red, Blue
Material: Metal + Rubber
Weight: 5180g
Packing list:
1x Balanced Round Swivel Chair

Introduction to gameplay
Game 1:
Let the child sit on the disc first, with both hands to assist in supporting the edges of the disc. By landing on the ground with both feet, forcefully push and rotate the disc.
(There is a plastic anti slip pad at the bottom, which supports large movements and protects the safety and health of young children.)

Game 2:
Place your feet together and use only upper body force to rotate the rotating disc.
The concave center design of the disc base is convenient for seating and kindergarten use

Game 3:
Two person collaboration, one person sitting on a circular turntable and one person on the side responsible for rotation.
(Two person collaboration, increased team collaboration awareness, 360 degree rotation, Changes brought about by changes in the experience center)


Weight: 6 kg
Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 29 cm; 6 Kilograms
Colour: Blue