Svbony SV550 APO Refractor Telescope, 122F7 FPL51 ED Triplet APO OTA, FMC Dual

Svbony SV550 APO Refractor Telescope, 122F7 FPL51 ED Triplet APO OTA, FMC Dual Speed Focuser Apochromatic Telescopes with Soft Case, for Deep Sky Astrophotography Imaging Visual Observatio

  • The SV550 APO refractor is a compact refractor with 122mm aperture; f/7 focal ratio and 854mm focal length; a great travel telescope for astrophotography and observation; The OTA weighs 6.44kg/14.18lb; easy to carry out when fitting into the carrying case
  • The APO refractor features a 122mm aperture which gathers more light; and offers more clear and detailed images; suitable for deep sky photography and observation; and even some fainter deep sky objects; due to the higher limiting magnitude
  • The SV550 122mm adopts a FPL-51 triplet apochromatic lens structure which contains one piece of ED glass; The triplet lens provides better correction of aberration and greatly reduces chromatic aberration and enhance the clarity and sharpness
  • The gear ratio of the dual speed 2.5inch toothed focuser is 1:10; which makes it easy to achieve accurate focus; The dual speed focuser can provide two focusing speeds by using a set of co-axial knobs; for fast focusing and fine focusing
  • The 122mm fully multi-coated objective lens and the knife-edge baffle ensure high transmittance while reduces stray light; for a brighter aperture; and clear; sharp and high-contrast images
Weight: 6.44 Kilograms
Size: 122F7
Dimensions: 96 x 37 x 35 centimetres
Brand: Svbony
Model: EUF9381C
Part: EUF9381C
Size: 122F7

Product Description

The SV550 APO refractor telescope-One small upgrading, one gaint leaping

SV550 APO refractor

SV550 122mm FPL51 APO triplet refractor telescope

Provides better correction of aberration / Significantly reduces chromatic aberration / Enhance the clarity and sharpness

  1. 122mm telescope

    FPL51 Triplet>FPL53 Doublet

  2. 122mm telescope

    Just for better clarity

  1. 1

    Alurmintum & CNC

    Made from high-quality optical materials, ensuring clear, realistic observations.

  2. 3

    2-inch interface

    SV550 refractor is compatible with 2-inch and M63*1 accessories.

  3. 4

    Lock screw

    Lock the focus, observe without distortion.

  4. 5

    Dual-speed focuser

    The gear ratio of the dual speed 2.5-inch toothed focuser is 1:10

  5.  Focus stroke

    Focus stroke

    Thread length 87mm, precise focus.

SV550 122mm APO Refractor Telescope-Tailor made detail design

1 Alurmintum & CNC22-inch interface3Lock screw4Dual-speed focuser5 Focus stroke

  • The refractor gathers more light, and offers more clear and detailed images, suitable for deep sky photography and observation, for galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and even some fainter deep sky objects, due to the higher limiting magnitude.

  1. Visual & Photograph

    Unlock more measures Experience diverse pleasures

    The entire tube rings have 26 screw holes + a mounting screw handle.

  2. 2

    Professional for visual observation

    Works with finderscopes, electronic eyepieces for astrophotography

  3. 1

    Professional pairing for astrophotography

    Connects to eyepieces or works with finderscopes and zenith mirrors for high-quality visual

1 Visual & Photograph2 Visual observation3 Astrophotograph

More details about SV550 122mm APO OTA

Aperture: 122mm
Focal Length: 854mm
Focal Ratio: f/7
Resolution: 1.15 arc seconds
Highest Useful Magnification: 244x
Visual Limiting Magnitude: 12.3
Telescope Type: Refractor
Lens design: apochromatic
Coating: Fully Multi-coated
Tube material: Aluminum
Focuser: 2.5″ rack-and-pinion, dual speed (1/10)
Tube travel: 87mm
Additional thread: M63x1 female thread for photo adaptions
Dew shield type: Retractable
Net Weight: 6.44kg/14.18lb
Load bearing of focuser: 5kg