GMSLuu 14 Inch Children's Bicycle Children's and Girls' Bicycles

GMSLuu 14 Inch Children's Bicycle Children's and Girls' Bicycles with Stabilisers

GMSLuu 14 Inch Children's Bicycle Children's and Girls' Bicycles with Stabilisers, Unisex Bike Auxiliary Bikes, White, Red, Blue, Yellow Available Options

  • High-quality frame: the frame of this bike is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the tube wall of the frame is thickened to increase its strength, so it has a stronger load capacity and is very stable.
  • Abrasion-resistant training wheel: the training wheels are made of rubber, so they are non-slip and wear-resistant and will not damage the floor. The PU leather surface and the foam-filled padding can be evenly stressed when driving and do not hurt the buttocks during long journeys.
  • Streamlined triangular structure: this bike uses the classic streamlined triangular structure, which provides a stylish and sporty look. In addition, the triangular design is stable, solid and shockproof, which can protect your children from falls, even if the stabilisers become deformed.
  • Height adjustable: the seat can be raised from 43 cm (16.9 inches) to 49 cm (19.3 inches), so you do not have to change the bike, even if your child gets bigger. Wider tyres provide a larger landing surface and smoother steering behaviour. Even if the speed is very high, the bike is not easy to slip, so that the safety of the child is more safe
  • Safe and reliable: this bike comes with sturdy stabilisers, and the handlebars and handles are designed for little hands, making it a great gift for children. The timely braking of the bike makes your child safer. It is equipped with a highly sensitive double brake system front and rear. Its braking effect is very reliable and it has a chain guard to prevent the chain from hurting the child's feet


Children’s bicycle with stabilisers

Riding a bike can train your children’s direction control and improve their physical strength. This bike has many advantages, such as a high-quality frame, damping tyres, safety brakes, adjustable height, a comfortable saddle, wear-resistant stabilisers, etc. Go out with your children to breathe fresh air and be close to nature.


Finger-finished car bell: the sound of the bell is clear and loud enough to have a better warning effect.

Mudguard design: the front and rear wheels of this bike have mudguards near the seat, so that the child can enjoy riding even on rainy days.

THOUGHTFUL DESIGN OF HANDLES This bike is thoughtfully designed with a handle at the back of the seat. If the child wants to take off the training wheel to learn to ride a bike, the family can hold the bike at the back to protect it from falls.


The 14 inch bike with stabilisers is designed for children aged 3-6 years who learn to ride a bike. The height can be adjusted from 95 cm (37.4 inches) to 135 cm (53.1 inches). It would be a perfect gift for your children as their first bike.


Color: white/red/blue/yellow

Frame material: carbon steel alloy.

Padding material: PU leather.

Tyre material: rubber.

Chain cover material: plastic.

Gender: Universal

Wheel diameter: 35.6 cm/14 inches.

Seat height: 43-49 cm/16.9-19.3 inches.

Handlebar height: 66-73 cm.

Package size: 82 x 43 x 20 cm.

Net weight: 8.5 kg/18.7 lbs.

Size: 14
Brand: GMSLuu
Colour: White
Manufacture: GMSLuu
Age: 幼童
Size: 14